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Typical French Girl Nail Art: A Quick Learn How to Achieve It With Tom Bachik

The beauty of the French girl lies in her deceitful laissez-faire

approach. Hair air-dried or pulled into a seemingly nonchalant ponytail, skin dewy and largely unaffected (except for blush, red lips, or eyeliner), nails clean, and most importantly, chic. Fortunately, achieving a finished/unfinished vibe is a possible feat when it comes to your polished work. So if you’re looking to elevate your manicure model, check out celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, who took to Instagram to show school fans the “French look” Michelle Williams wore to Sunday’s Critics’ Choice Awards. Girl Mani” art.

Photo: courtesy of Tom Bachik / @tombachik )


First, Bachik recommends a detailed manicure, here are all his noteworthy nails and A nail step task respects the natural shape of your nails while promoting moderate length. After prepping your hands (and indulging in a round of moisturizing and massaging), use 90% Alcohol to ensure nails are ready for a new tone, followed by a protective and smooth base paint. Two thin, even shades of Chanel Les Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Pirate offer a perfect shade of red, then (after fully drying) set with a thick finish of the brand’s top coat.

“Finally, we finished off the manicure by hydrating her cuticles with L’Huile Camēlia Hydrating and Strengthening Oil, leaving the skin as rich as her nails,” says Bachik. takeout? Understated shapes and classic shades are an obvious must—but for Bachik, touch-ups (well-manicured nails and volumized skin) are key to a truly timeless French-girl manicure.




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