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U.S. steps up enforcement of its long list of sanctions on Russia

Western leaders are preparing for the possibility of Russian gas flowing through the main Nord Stream pipeline back to Full level. The Wall Street Journal’s Shelby Holiday explains what an energy crisis in Europe could look like and how it could ripple across the world. Illustration: David Fang
WASHINGTON – The United States has imposed a series of powerful sanctions on the Russian economy to punish its invasion of Ukraine. Now, U.S. officials are working to ensure they work, plug loopholes, lobby other countries for support, and crack down on those who abet Russia’s evasion.

The goal of the second phase is to cut off access to revenue and imports, although Europe continues to buy from Russia, administration officials say Plenty of oil and gas, but President Vladimir Putin needs to prosecute the war. That means targeting foreign banks and cryptocurrency platforms that help Russia maintain the use of international currencies, taking over the bank accounts and corporate assets of blacklisted oligarchs, and punishing foreign companies caught exporting regulated goods to the country.



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