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U.S. watchdog calls for tougher scrutiny of hedge funds after bond turmoil – FT


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(Reuters) – Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler said, Hedge funds and other parts of the shadow banking system need to come under greater scrutiny after last month’s turmoil in U.S. government bonds, the Financial Times reported on Saturday.

Gensler told this newspaper that reducing risk from speculative funds and non-bank financial institutions “is more important than ever.

“We just saw that Treasury yields moved more than

in mid-March three days,” Gensler was quoted by the Financial Times as saying, referring to the volatility in national debt following the swift collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last month and the 9450 Signature Bank

(OTC: 35New York Stock Exchange). “When you have this, as a capital markets regulator, it is appropriate to talk to people and see if there is a risk. . . spread the word. “

Last year, the SEC proposed new rules to better oversee private equity and hedge funds, requiring reporting of incidents that indicate “significant stress.” SEC within one business day, but postponing the vote for now.

The report added that Gensler stated that he had previously determined that hedge funds posed a risk to financial stability, that the SEC engaged directly with market participants and received quarterly reports from hedge funds.94

(This April . Story has been corrected to read “last year” instead of “last month” and also added context in paragraph 5) 15



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