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U.S. Yellen visits China, hopes to unfreeze Sino-U.S. relations

By Andrea Shalal and Yew Lun Tian

BEIJING (Reuters) – U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Thursday Kick off a four-day trip to China focused on easing tensions between the world’s two largest economies, despite low expectations from both sides.

Shortly after arriving in the Chinese capital, Yellen expressed her pleasure in being in Beijing and looking forward to advancing President Joe Biden’s goal of deepening economic ties between countries. Yellen tweeted: “We seek healthy economic competition that benefits American workers and businesses, and cooperates on global challenges.”

“We will act when needed to protect our national security, and this visit provides provide an opportunity to communicate and avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding.”

Yellen gets low marks – Chinese finance ministry official and U.S. envoy to China Nicholas Burns in a gave a warm welcome as they stepped off a government plane after a torrential rain.

Both sides, however, expressed doubts that Yellen’s visit would cool US-China relations, as officials acknowledged that both countries prioritized national security interests over deepening economic ties.

“Especially if a U.S. official traveling with Yellen arrives in Beijing and says: ‘We may disagree on some things, but more importantly we are discussing. ” “I don’t think it’s fruitless, and I’ll make it clear.

Yellen will address what the Biden administration has described as unfair Chinese practices, including recent punitive actions against U.S. companies and barriers to market access, the official added.

On Friday she will meet with Chinese Premier Li Qiang and former economic czar Liu He, a close friend of President Xi Jinping.

Chinese commentators see U.S. concerns about its trade practices as hypocritical

Wang Huiyao, president of the think tank, said: “I don’t think Janet Yellen is unpopular, but China can’t swallow all the poison pills and keep smiling. Center on China and Globalization mentions U.S. sanctions on growing number of Chinese companies.

Ahead of Yellen’s visit, Chinese analysts told state media that her speech in April would ensure that the U.S. and the national security interests of its allies as the key to its economic policy toward China, but this has not sparked interest. Optimism.

Zhu Feng, a professor of international relations at Nanjing University, told the Global Times that Yellen The emphasis on national security means the U.S. is unlikely to end its “economic and technological repression” of China.

Yellen will stress that the U.S. does not support decoupling and call on China to U.S. officials said Yellen would push for new openings on economic issues, though no major breakthroughs are expected. communication and coordination channels, and highlighted the consequences of providing deadly aid to Russia, a claim China firmly asserts Actions to address China’s major economic and trade concerns.

Wu Xinbo, an American studies expert at Fudan University who is familiar with Beijing’s thinking, said the Trump administration’s trade tariffs and sanctions on Chinese companies main concern.

Yellen’s long-awaited visit comes weeks after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who agreed with Chinese President Xi Jinping that there would be a trade war between the two countries’ militaries. Competition should not devolve into conflict as negotiations freeze.

Both visits, as well as that of Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry this month, were U.S. military airspace over the U.S. Part of push to unfreeze ties after shooting down Chinese govt balloon

They were at Biden and Xi in New Delhi in September (G) Group Possible meeting before summit or Asia summit – Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting is scheduled for November in San Francisco.

Biden-Xi efforts may An issue in his next re-election campaign this year as Republicans sought to blame his handling of foreign policy.

“Biden is doing his best to reconcile with China, while Xi is laughing at us,” Nikki Haley, a former U.N. official, said the ambassador is now seeking the Republican presidential nomination. “When our enemies tell us who they are, we should believe them. “



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