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Uahpet's iRetriever Ball Launcher safely fires an 80-foot ball for Fido

Uahpet iRetriever with dog sitting nearby in home. This content was produced in partnership with Uahpet .

Almost by definition, a pet or dog ball launcher Not the smartest toy you can buy for your furry companion. Yes, they can provide hours of fun, volleyball, and sometimes treats in your home, but they are often very limited (in terms of throwing distance) and can even be dangerous, especially for the decor of your home . It’s not hard to imagine a loose ball flying across the living room and breaking an expensive and beloved vase, or other decorations in the home. Or, God forbid, shoot the ball straight into little Fido’s ribs. A good way to avoid this problem is to equip the launcher with an intelligent obstacle avoidance system, which is exactly what Uahpet has done. Best of all, the Uahpet iRetriever Ball Launcher can launch balls up to 80 feet away, nearly twice as far as competing systems. This salvo distance is simply unmatched among similar launchers.

But don’t worry, the launch distance is fully adjustable, so if your home is not big enough for an 80ft throw, Or your dog is just a little guy and can’t run that far, you can turn it down – launch distance ranges from 10 feet to 80 feet. The smart object tracking feature we talked about, it makes the launcher stop if there’s an object in front of it so it doesn’t fire the ball at nearby items or possessions, but if they’re on your pet , it also won’t fire balls at your pet. Stand in front of the system. This adds a level of security that you won’t find anywhere else. Of course, there’s more to Uahpet’s iRetriever ball launcher, so let’s take a closer look.

Learn more A person who loves you as much as you Pet’s Brand Uahpet iRetriever Ball Launcher shooting distance for reference.

Before we explore ball launchers, let’s discuss Uahpet, which has already built a reputation for smart pet solutions for dogs and cats. For example, dog owners will love the self-powered wireless dog doorbell, which is perfect for training your best friend. They also offer a 2-in-1 dog puzzle to entertain your friends. Cat supplies are similar, from automatic water fountains to self-grooming cat brushes or light-up cat nail trimmers. Uahpet knows what makes animal companions and their owners happy.

The brand’s mission is “to improve the harmonious interaction between humans and pets through science and technology.” Love” and ultimately create a stronger bond between pet and owner. It is certainly a laudable mission and one that all pet parents can agree with. Uahpet iRetriever Ball Launcher with dog playing outside.Tell us more about the iRetriever Ball Launcher

Smart and secure are the two words that can be used to describe Uahpet’s iRetriever transmitter, and, well, automated – anyone with a busy life will Treasure the word. You already know it can launch the ball very far, up to 80 feet, and if you don’t want it to go that far, there are fully customizable launch settings. What you don’t know is that it Features Tesla-inspired battery technology to ensure reliable, long-lasting power.In other words, it features the same high-quality battery technology as Tesla vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about iRetriever shutting down on you or your pet in the middle of a game. It also has a built-in 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery.

It has three launch modes, including the unique GT mode, which supports 200 consecutive launches of the ball to play with Fido. But for your best friend, safety is the most important thing. You’ll be happy to know that the ball is made of non-toxic and chewable ETPU material for durability and safety. It won’t hurt your dog , and they also can’t chew it in the first round. As you probably know, this is good news because you don’t have to change the ball as often.

Smart ToF Radar Detection technology enhances the performance of the device, providing a next-level experience for the puppy and you.With increased accuracy, it can detect nearby objects, items and decorations, and also detect where your pet is, so it Never fire a high-powered shot at your dog’s body – dogs do love their zoom shots. Three adjustable launch angles will keep your dog on their paws because play is always exciting and the They never know which direction the ball will go.

Doesn’t really hit and hurt

The Uahpet iRetriever Ball Launcher will be available exclusively on IndieGoGo starting June 20, 2023 Designed to please pets and owners alike with one universal philosophy – no hits, no Injury.The intelligent radar detection system ensures that the ball will never be shot at objects, furniture or decorations, but most importantly, the ball will never be shot at your dog, no matter how excited they are. Plus, the ball is chewable, But it’s durable and non-toxic.

It’s an excellent source of entertainment, and because it’s automated, it’ll keep you entertained even if you don’t necessarily With time to devote, pets are busy too. If you have a dog, you should at least check it out.

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