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Uber to shut down its free rewards program this fall

Uber will discontinue its free loyalty program. In a discovery by The Verge , the company said it would be shutting down Uber Rewards on November 1. Users have until the end of August to earn points, and the last day to redeem rewards is October 31.

, Uber Rewards gives customers the opportunity to earn points on every Uber and Uber Eats transaction. The program has four membership levels, with members unlocking new perks at each stage. For example, the Platinum level includes protection against price spikes and priority pickup at the airport. Uber does not offer a direct replacement for Uber Rewards. Instead, the company plans to promote its $10-a-month service with perks like free Uber Eats delivery and a 5% discount for top Uber drivers.

“Thank you for participating in Uber Rewards,” the company said in an email about the shutdown. “It’s been a great ride, but we’ve decided to end Rewards as soon as possible as we turn our attention to the new Uber One membership program.” Uber will offer existing Rewards customers a one-month free trial of Uber One . Once that period ends, you will need to subscribe to retain the benefits associated with the plan.

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