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UFC Paris predictions

We are going to learn a lot about Ciryl Gane and Tai Tuivasa.

While on paper the two heavyweight contenders are quite different, they both find themselves facing a potential reality check at UFC Paris on Saturday: whether Gane is a A waiting champ, only to falter with his first shot against Francis Ngannou? Is Tuivasa a legitimate threat to win the UFC title, or is he just on an exciting winning streak destined to end not too far from his destination?

The prospect of the future is so closely tied to a fight, but given what we can expect from Ngannou, Stipe Miocic, and yes, Jon Jones will be in the title picture sooner or later – not to mention as a heavyweight division The field of perpetual chaos – who’s to say how long it will take for the two’s contender reputations to recover if they suffer a devastating loss?

Smart money on Gane, but considering how far Tuivasa has come and never been cast aside, nothing beats Tuivasa in a group Gane was taken out in front of screaming Parisians.

In other major poker action, Robert Whittaker takes on Marvin Vittori in highly anticipated middleweight showdown, 185s’ Allai Theo Di Chirico and Roman Kopilov in much-needed victories, John Makdessi vs. Nasrat Hakpalast in a featherweight bout (Nasrat Haqparast) had an unpleasant bout with featherweight William Gomis and Jarno Errens making their UFC debuts, Charles Jourdain and Nasra Nathaniel Wood has made quick transitions in both dangerous featherweight bouts.

What: UFC Paris


Paris Accor Arena

When: Saturday, September 3rd. The Game 6 Preliminary Card starts at 12pm ET on ESPN+, followed by the Main Game 6 card on ESPN+ at 3pm.

(Numbers in parentheses indicate standing

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Ciryl Gane (3) vs . Tai Tuivasa (5)

Your kids have been pushing the “Tai Tuivasa is a real contender” station wagon for a while now and I have no way to stop now. This is it. It’s the ultimate test of whether the power of punch and positive thinking can take you all the way to the title.

Tuivasa is no longer the one who was on a three-game losing streak and about to be released people. He legally became more focused and disciplined, which is evident in his results. I know it sounds condescending to say that Tuivasa got better only because he started making an honest effort, but when you’re talking about a fighter with his talent, that can make all the difference.

That said, even the best version of Tuivasa may not be enough to outshine Ciryl Gane. Granted, Guyon has failed in his efforts to become the undisputed heavyweight champion (for now), but he’s still arguably the best athlete in the division and an excellent technical striker with underrated power. He should win this fight. I understand.

Still, I chose Tuivasa. It’s not just that he can knock down at any time (though that’s a big factor), it’s that he sincerely


he can. This is my theory of what went wrong with the likes of Derrick Lewis and Jairzinho Rozenstruik fighting Gane. I don’t think they believed they could knock him out. So they froze. Tuvasa does not freeze. He may be shaken or *gaspsubmitted, but he won’t freeze.

Or at least he won’t take long to thaw. I predict that Tuivasa will have a hard time coming up with a strategy to score in the first round against Gane, then go mad in the second round and grab Gane for a knockout victory.

Shoes are disgusting, but Tuvasa will earn his on Saturday.

choose : Tuvasa

Robert Whittaker(2) & Marvin Vittori(3)

Do you think a knockout pick at the top of the card is shocking? What do you think of Robert Whittaker becoming the first fighter to finish Marvin Vittori?

I understand that Vettori’s jaw is indestructible. We’re talking about Drew Dober quality irons here. I just have the feeling that Whittaker is the one who can find the switch. The Reaper was never known not just for raw punching power, but for his speed and precision, qualities you need to beat a big man. That’s exactly what Vitori is about, and that’s what makes this fight so dangerous for Whittaker.

Because it definitely goes the other way. Vitori isn’t known for his good shots, but during his time with the UFC he has grown more confident under his feet, and while he won’t win a pure smack fight, he’ll just have to hit from the “Italian Dream” A good shot is enough. Get Whitaker in trouble. Neither came close to fighting Adesanya for a third time, so fans should expect a fun, loose, and occasionally wild match.

I still wish Whitaker would pull it together and Pulled off in the third quarter as he kept his combination going and put it on a withered Vettori.

Whitaker was eliminated in the third round.



Alessio Di Chirico and Roman Kopilov

Some of you may be asking, what round is this when top 15 Nassourdine Imavov and fan favorite Joaquin Barkley have a perfect match in the preliminaries A 4-8 UFC record on the main card between two middleweights in a welterweight bout? I don’t have a good answer for you.

We have a few here who are hungry for victory fighters, which means they’ll either be inspired to put on a fiery show to shut up the doubters, or they’ll fight it out safely to keep their jobs. The good news for fans hoping for the former is that Alessio Di Chirico has overcome his inability to pull the trigger, for better or worse. His more assertive style has resulted in two first-round headers in his past two games; unfortunately for him, he has been in receptive form in recent battles.

He can play against Roman Coe Is Pilov applying pressure? If so, it’s easy for Di Chirico. Kopilov just didn’t show the finishing qualities that made him an intriguing signing in 2018. When things start to go against him, things can quickly get worse.

There is reason to believe Coppi Love’s best is yet to come, but I doubt it’s happening in the UFC, so I’ll have to tip Ditchrico here.



JOHN Mark Desi vs. Nasrat Haqparast

This is an opportunity for Nasrat Haqparast to bounce back, but it also It could be that he’s in the UFC if he’s not careful. He can’t let his emotions prevail here because while Makdessi doesn’t fit the physicality of two of Haqparast’s past opponents (Bobby Green and Dan Hooker), he’s a seasoned battering specialist and Haqparast is in trouble when dealing with issues. Encountered the kind of challenges in the past.

I One thing I like about Haqparast in this game is that he has a size advantage over Makdessi, which will make a big difference for the still developing 27-year-old. Mark Desi is an excellent striker, unfortunately, he is only a center. He’s definitely lightweight on the short side, but too muscular to drop down to 145. So Haqparast should start fast here and make Makdessi uncomfortable.

As long as Haqparast can put Makdessi at a disadvantage, he can control. The last thing he wants to do is give Makdessi room to give him a chance to unleash his dizzying spin attack. I let Haqparast go smart and cut the cage on the way to make the decision.

Select: Haqparast

William Gomis vs. Arnold Ellens

Some of you may be inclined to ask, this What is the contest between – you know? We have done this dance. Imma Worf and Barkley should be on the main card.

But since that’s not the case, let’s thank newcomer Willem Gomis (a Frenchman who definitely has a major cheering part) and Holland’s Jarno Erens for the chance. Based on their short career so far, this has the potential to be an exciting high-profile fight, so its location isn’t a complete mystery.

Both fighters are tall featherweights who use a lot of movement to launch their attacks. Gomis prefers to mix it in, while Errens mixes explosive aggression with long counter-attacks together. It was supposed to be a one-man matchup, but Ellens had problems defensively, and if only for a change of pace, that could be Gomis’ goal.

Gomis’ more methodical style gives him the edge on this, and I don’t expect him to make the kind of mistakes that Errens could exploit in any meaningful way, nor do I see Errens decide Take action. This goes to Gomis points.



Charles Jordan vs. Nathaniel Wood

I like the lightweight Nathaniel Wood. I don’t like this matchup of him.

Charles Jourdain isn’t just a forward, but when he’s focused on that aspect of the game, few are better at 145 pounds. He’s a good athlete, he’s creative, and he knows how to choose his position. On Wood’s side, he’s also very athletic, and once he and Jourdain start swapping, his winning streak should make for a striking contrast. Wood has a diverse arsenal and loves throwing from unexpected angles.

This is something Jourdain can’t handle. From a technical standpoint, he’s very sharp, and his compelling defense would frustrate Wood. As this frustration builds, he’ll make more mistakes, which will create opportunities for Jourdain to get to work. At the same time, Wood won’t leave easily, which is why it’s an ideal main-card starter and a front-runner to win the Battle of the Night award.

It wouldn’t surprise me if these two meet again somewhere along the way. But this first meeting belonged to Jourdain.

Select: Jourdain


Abusupiyan Magomedov def. Dustin Stoltzforth

Definition by Michal Figuerak. Fare Ziam

Nassourdine Imavov (14) def. Joaquin Barkley

Benoit Saint Denis def. Gabriel Miranda

Christian Quinones def. Khalid Taha Stephanie Egger definition. Erin Perez



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