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UFC ranking review: Daniel Rodriguez secures welterweight ranking after beating Li Jingliang in 180-pound heavyweight bout

To say the UFC has some questionable rankings is probably an understatement. You would think rankings are problematic because they are subjective; however, in this column, I will point out rankings that I believe are clearly wrong. I’ll also analyze significant changes in the rankings that I agree with.

Editorial comments by Peter Parsons

Following an unprecedented shuffle of the top three fights on the UFC 279 card last weekend, Li Jingliang agreed to fight Daniel Rodriguez at 180 pounds. Despite the fact that Jing Liang already weighed 170.5 pounds in a welterweight bout with Tony Ferguson. Meanwhile, Rodriguez hit 179 pounds in a scheduled heavyweight bout with Kevin Holland. Rodriguez defeated Jing Liang in a controversial split decision and went on to hold the Chinese fighter’s UFC welterweight ranking.

Li Jingliang is unranked at welterweight; Daniel Rodriguez is ranked 14th at welterweight

In my opinion, Daniel Rodriguez can’t be ranked before Li Jingliang after “D” – Rod” over “Leech? 8.5 pounds at 180 pounds. Jing Liang, who weighs 170.5 pounds, is expected to take on Tony Ferguson at welterweight against his biggest name yet. In a shocking incident, Diaz’s former opponent, Tony Ferguson, advanced to the Main Event with Nate Diaz after his former opponent Kamzat Chimayev lost 7.5 pounds. Diaz) confrontation, Jing Liang accepted the last minute fight.

Even if Rodriguez beat Jing Liang in domination on Saturday night, I still don’t agree with him taking Jing Liang The 14th welterweight ranking for this fight is 180 lbs. There’s a reason we have weight divisions in MMA, and nearly 10 lbs is a big difference. From a sporting and ranking standpoint, when It’s unfair to put Rodriguez ahead of welterweight when he didn’t beat Jing Liang at welterweight. Any boxer will tell you that losing all this extra pounds compared to not losing weight There will be a big difference.

Let’s review the recent UFC resumes of these two fighters. Jing Liang has won 9 of his last 12 fights at UFC welterweight. The “Leech” was on the verge of ranking after a third stoppage-time victory over Eliso Zaleski dos Santos in August 2019. In his next fight with perennial contender Neil Mane, King Liang returned to 10-time middleweight Santiago Ponzinibbio with a first-round knockout of the former champion for a seven-game winning streak. After losing to Chimayev in October 2021, Jing Liang defeated Muslim Sali in a second-round TKO in July Hough’s return to stop previously ranked Russia’s five-game winning streak in the UFC welterweight division.

Rodriguez was on the cusp of the welterweight ranking, and he won 6 of 7 UFC fights. After losing to Nicholas Dalby in November 2020, “D-Rod” has won three straight, including notable wins over Mike Perry and Kevin Lee. Perry is not a welterweight class, and Lee used to be a lightweight.

Rodericks’ biggest win over Mike Perry and Kevin Lee on his resume isn’t like Jing Liang vs San Diego As impressive as Ponzinibio and Kevin Lee’s biggest wins. Muslim Salihov. Also, Jing Liang scored twice in those two games and Rodriguez twice Victory over smaller opponents.

In my opinion, Jing Liang should still be ranked 14th, while Rodriguez should be behind the current 14th. . 15 Michelle Pereira has beaten Cos Williams, Nico Price, Andre Fialho and Santiago in last four games Ponzinibio.

Based on wins outside the division. In the case of Daniel Rodriguez, who won a controversial split decision, Li Jingliang fought at welterweight. Some saw the decision as a robbery. I don’t think this decision is a robbery, but I do think that Li Jingliang’s loss of rankings is a robbery.

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My ranking looks like any other Different writers or fans who follow the sport closely. This is to be expected, as rankings are subjective. Rankings should be based primarily on results, not perceived potential or popularity.

Some people think that ranking doesn’t matter. Ranking is important. In terms of matchmaking, they are important. They matter when it comes to contract negotiation.

Let’s move on to the ranking conversation. Do you agree or disagree with the above ranking comments? Express your thoughts in the comments below.



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