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UFC Vegas 67 Bonuses: Four Fighters Deposit Additional $50,000

UFC President Dana White announced the performance-based bonus winners after Saturday’s UFC Vegas 67 event in Las Vegas on Saturday. Four boxers received an additional $50,000.

Performance of the night: Dan Ige

After three straight losses, Dan Ige takes second place in the Combined Main Event Defeated Damon Jackson in the knockout round and returned to the winner’s circle. Ige strikes faster than usual, pressing the action, throwing various punches above the body before knocking out the opponent by the end of the first frame. He continued his strong methodical work in the second round, and when Jackson came into range late in the second round, Iger found a home for a huge left hand and walked away with no follow-up at all.

Performance of the night: Roman Kopylov

Roman Kopylov gets his second straight strike in a skilful TKO victory in the Octagon In the second round, he defeated Punachle Soriano. After a solid start in the first round, Kopylov began to work on Soriano’s body, highlighted by a spin back kick to the Hawaiian’s body. Another body shot knocked Soriano down, and Kopilov swarmed for a stop. Best performance so far, Umar Nurmagomedov clinched his first career knockout win with a fine left hook against Raoni Barcelos. Nurmagomedov started methodically, and from the southpaw’s stance, his strokes looked sharp. When the pair came together, Nurmagomedov fell short with a left-footed kick, but quickly knocked Barcelos down with a left uppercut. Nurmagomedov then fired another shot, but it wasn’t necessary at the time. Nurmagomedov now hopes to turn his attention to his top-15 opponents.

Performance of the night: Allan Nascimento

Brazil’s Allan Nascimento was great against Carlos Hernandez. After a solid start, Nascimento found his way to Hernandez’s back and threatened the choke. When Hernandez stood up and Nascimento was still on his back looking for a rear naked choke, Nascimento cleverly switched grips and secured a submission victory midway through the first round.

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