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UK cinemas to screen Queen Elizabeth's state funeral for free

Much of the UK is scheduled to close in September 19 to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as she rests in peace On that day, several movie theaters had announced that they would actually remain open. But they’re not doing it to take advantage of any anti-monarchist audience who might want to get away from wall-to-wall coverage. Instead, they will live stream the state funeral for free.

The Curzon chain has announced that it will be officially livestreaming the Queen’s funeral in the morning 11. While no other films will be shown during the funeral, normal programming will resume at 6pm local time.

Meanwhile, Vue will be showing funerals for free on several of its sites, live in the morning 10. The chain has gone a step further, perhaps to avoid being seen as profiteering, and will limit its retail offerings to free bottled water for the day, with no other snacks or beverages available for purchase (at Curzon, food and beverages will be available to regular purchases). Vue will not be showing any other films that day.

Elsewhere, most other chains are following the big moves across the country and will close their doors. Odeon, Picturehouse, Cinewod and Showcase will all close and reopen on Tuesday, marking the end of a national mourning period. Most stage theatres in central London will also be closed on Monday, with the London Theatre Society and the British Theatre Organisation saying the decision was made “out of respect for all those who are mourning.”

Earlier this week, it was announced that Universal Pictures had postponed the UK version of rom-com Paradise Tickets , starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney until the funeral, and the movie is now slated for a September release 20.



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