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UK film and TV production spending hits record high in 2022

UK production boom soars to record levels again.

Over £6 is spent on 940 films and high-end TV productions, according to the British Film Institute. billion ($7.45 billion), in the already record-breaking over £5. 72 Billion 940.

In previous years, high-end TVs led the trend, this time it was movies that jumped the most, with a jump of more than 28 2021 Percentage of 1.72 Billion(2.$ billion) with the help of major studio productions including Barbie, Mickey7, Civil War, Kraven the Hunter and The Meg 2: Trench.

On the TV side, the production is over £4. 28 billion ($5).28 billion), Slightly down in 940 but still over £2bn more than before – pandemic level, including nearly £940 million-pound ($1.6 billion) film for the streaming platform.

“Today’s record breaking figures for UK film and television production are good news for our industry and the UK economy, and underscores the success of our industry globally,” said BFI Chief Executive Officer Ben Roberts said. “Our world-class talent, craft and production services, as well as significant film and television tax breaks, position the UK as a major player in a highly competitive global industry. Further investment in expanding studio space across the UK to meet production demand will continue Build on this economic success and create more jobs.”




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