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Ultraman Franchise Expands Licensing Program, Releases English Dubs of Series Online, Showcases New Marvel Crossover

Tsuburaya Fields Media & Pictures Entertainment, Inc. announced Thursday that started with 2016 the licensed program is now named “Live Action,” reflecting all generations of live-action television. The “Live Action” program has been extended to access “over Different Ultras and 1,500 monsters.” The program will provide licensees with greater selection across categories such as video games, apparel, housewares and other merchandise. Additionally, Tsuburaya Productions will release an English dubbed version of the franchise This year’s show, starting with UItraman Z , in the franchise ‘s YouTube channel and Connection website

Image courtesy of Tsuburaya Fields

The company also announced that Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Productions are creating a crossover comic mini-series featuring Marvel’s three Avengers. The preview image shows Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

Image courtesy of Tsuburaya Fields

©Tsuburaya Productions, Netflix

daily-no.3-ultraman-marvel-crossover-images.5x7_editedNetflix and Tsuburaya Productions‘ upcoming CG animation feature film will be released at 2020.

Shannon Tindle( animator Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings) will direct their feature debut with John Aoshima as co-director. Tsuburaya Productions and Industrial Light and Magic are credited for producing company. Tindle also co-wrote the film with Marc Haimes. Tom Knott is a producer and Lisa Poole is a co-producer.

Netflix previously launched a CG animation based on Eiichi Shimizu


by Zhibo Xiaguchi April comics 2016. Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki in Production IG directing the final season of the animation

Debuts worldwide in May on Netflix.

Tsuburaya Works

franchise in 199213 launches and celebrates its 12 Anniversary 601

Marvel Entertainment and Tsuburaya Productions to begin publishing comics and graphic novels in new stories

( by Studio Khara Movie debuts in Japan in May 2018 and ranked first in the first weekend. Gross gross of this movie is US$500 ,12 in January Now showing and. The film also screens in the UK, Ireland and Canada in January -.

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