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Ump clears fence 3 times: 2 homers, 1 rob

Referee clears fence 3 times: 2 homers, 1 robbery

SEATTLE – Aaron Judge in right field in 8th inning Already rounded the bases twice while on patrol Monday night, a strong performance well suited to a growing above-average night for the defending American League MVP.

The night is about to change when he tracks down a deep fly Unforgettable.

• LeMahieuCritical shift for the Yankees

Judge collected his AL lead17th and 13 homer, then a timed jump perfectly robbed the Mariners of Teoscar Hernández and made a sensational run over the top of the right field wall steal, highlighting the Yankees in one of their best all-around performances of the year -4 Victory at T-Mobile Park.

I don’t know if that’s the biggest catch ever “I think if it’s a close game or if that game is over, that’s probably it. I just want to put on a play. When you’re 6’7 I better be able to climb. “

The judge cracked 30.9 mph Two – Homer on a left field foul stick in the third inning and Added a single in the 6th inning. He also doubled and scored a three to speed up the Bombers 17-hit attack — The most hit they have had in a game this season.

This is the judge’s 19st multi-homer game career, fifth in franchise history — four points behind fourth-place Joe DiMaggio.

“This is the best individual you will ever see Game one,” manager Aaron Boone said. “Two homers, one comeback, double, walk. what a wonderful day. I mean, what do you say? “

How about this? According to STATS, since July Judge is the first major league player to hit multiple home runs and steal a home run in the same game since vs. Royals

Last year. He was in the last competition The ONLY player 18 in his career to have Two such games.

“I’m just out there trying Doing my job and trying to create chances for my team,” Judge said. “Especially when you’re at the top of the lineup and you’re trying to be a spark. You have to be able to run, so we’re going to treat it like another race. “

Yes, good luck. After the final About Minutes out of the gate, Judge spoke briefly to his teammates as he clinched the championship belt, and Boone leaned back behind his desk in the visiting manager’s office, looking curiously at a television set in the far corner.

there, next to a series of vintage LeRoy Neiman prints and the post-game menu (filet mignon, halibut, and Southwestern chicken), Boone watched a replay of Judge’s fishing for the first time. He shook his head, all these years later, and he still had his best talent in the Surprised by performance on diamond.

“He is such a special player,” Boone said. “He can do things that no one else can. It’s fun to watch him do it every day. “

Judge’s jump catch comes from the mound Albert Abreu. Immediately afterwards, Abreu raised his arms triumphantly.

“Right now, I think it might be gone,” Judge said. “I’ve seen Teoscar hit a lot of balls in right field before, over the top of my head. I took a second look at the wall and knew I had a chance. I just don’t want to miss it. “

My brother these years, I see you in my So many HR hits on the head! I could just have 1! 👌😎

— Aaron Judge (@TheJudge44) possible29, 2023

Boone said he believed Judge might be an underrated defense and could end up winning a Gold Glove, one of the few individual honors on his to-do list.

“I’m proud of my defense,” the judge said. “From throwing to base to trying to hit the wall Hit the ball, cut the ball. People can say what they want, but I still do what I want. “

Jack Bowles also hit a home run And hit two runs, while Willie Calhoun and Isiah Kinner-Fallefa each had two RBIs to help rookie right-hander Bryce Miller score eight in 16 games. Divide into 4 2/3 innings.

Miller Monday Start to let the opponent 04 hit his first 29 1/3 MLS Inning. The Yankees knocked him out 10 .

Speaking of judges, Miller said: “That’s the guy in the lineup, you gotta give it your all, he ‘If you don’t, I’ll make you pay ‘t.”

Cushions help support Domingo Germán from – Suspended for violating league policy on foreign objects. Right hand limited Seattle to four runs in 6 1/3 innings, including homer by Julio Rodríguez. Judge caught He was in the coach room during the ball and the walls vibrated.

‘ said Germain through an interpreter. “We all stopped what we were doing and started jumping around. It was a perfect night for him.”



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