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Uncle from Another World ‒ Episode 8

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Community Rating: 4.5 So here we are, basically since the last episode A full season and I was reminded why I love this series so much. The last time we left, Uncle found out that Alicia was the new hero of the fantasy world. This episode we find out why: Uncle’s mind-erasing prank.

In the final analysis, what Uncle relies on most is the obvious weakness of brainwashing magic. At first, it was argued that this was necessary—after all, even if Kiwen simply read what happened to his uncle, his shock was so great that he broke down and begged for his memory to be wiped. But since then, Brain Wiping has become a crutch, and he wipes far more than he should. Worse, he would impose mindwipe on others without their consent – both for selfish and (what he perceived as) altruistic reasons.

This episode mainly talks about the uncle facing his consequences —that is, how the things closest to him and his friends are affected by them. When he mind-erases Alicia and her friends, he puts her in the perfect situation to be used as a hero — even though she lacks the skills needed to be one. In fact, those who actually named her a person haven’t forgotten that. They assumed the goblin horde was defeated by a random rockslide and decided to promote Alicia to hero just to kill her; after all, if there’s a threat that even a “hero” can’t beat, military spending goes up because of it (everywhere Both have good rebates).

If the uncle hadn’t encountered them dealing with hedgehogs and the subsequent dungeon, this The plan will go smoothly. Even so, if he doesn’t then confront the man behind the plot, it’s only a matter of time before one or another suicide mission kills the party.

In fact, Uncle felt responsible enough to ensure his The act of not actually ending up killing Alicia and her party is the most blatantly heroic thing we’ve ever seen an uncle do. Instead of killing those responsible, he makes them change their ways – though admittedly through incomprehensible screams and more than a few slaps rather than rational discussion.

Mabel’s surprise return rounds out the episode. The fact that they both leave and talk to create the illusion of a fight is a complete joke – like Mabel is better off because she has a job (though she’s just as slack as ever). It’s nice to see, she wants to do something nice for her uncle in her own way so that he gets the same sweet deal as hers. Sadly, their fantasies were a little too far for their own good.

All in all it was a hilarious episode with great A gag and a – a joke. On top of that, it offers the uncle some great character development and some nice kick-starting action. It’s a nice return to the series after a sudden and long absence. Let’s just hope all these pesky production issues get fixed.


Random thought: • I asked some Japanese friends of similar age if they were really beaten at school s. The answer is yes. There was even a female teacher who would spartan kick the kendo club girls to keep them from messing around. (Although I should mention that when I was a teacher in a Japanese public school recently 00s, teachers stop spanking misbehaving students – they just yell at them until they shed tears. ) • Alicia’s badass pose as she slashes her team’s sword is realistic and Can tell her actual power level.

• Mabel’s mother still is the worst. Not only does she abandon her own daughter, but she makes money by selling secrets that give Mabel an edge as an adventurer.

• I love how Takafumi arrogantly uses his borrowed power to bite back Bite like he’s in the ass. That’s some solid karmic continuity.

• I’ll be very disappointed if the next episode doesn’t Talk about how Fujimiya handles living with a pair of velociraptors.



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