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Uncle From Another World – Episode 6

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is a very interesting (and amusing) series, it’s easy to forget that there’s a lot of conspiracy Shelved, the episode basically spent its entire run time answering those looming questions.

The most important thing is that the first day of the uncle era happened things in the fantasy world. We saw this last week, but it ended up causing more questions. After all, if it wasn’t for the power of the uncle, or some kind of gift from God, how could he become stronger so quickly?

This episode reveals that while he may not get him Extremely powerful magic comes directly from the god of reincarnation, and his magic is a by-product of his wishes. His desire to be understood allows him to communicate not only with humans in fantasy worlds, but also with elemental spirits. Under the guidance of the elves, he can acquire powerful magic without actual training.

The meaning of this sentence is not only a little interesting. Although life During his fantasy world years, he never learned to use magic like the local residents. Instead, he basically built his own unique magic system by working directly with the elves – without even realizing what he was doing. That’s why the genie seems so confused about what he can do. Their respective understandings of magic are completely different.

In addition to seeing the uncle learning magic for the first time, we also Saw his first meeting with the genie – which brought a context-changing revelation. Because of his impressive strength, he didn’t kill the monster with one shot and save her, but instead we learn that the monster has been killed in one shot – that’s what the uncle did. Not only is this a good anti-climax joke, it also shows how powerful the genie is. While she may not be able to use magic like her uncle, she is very close to his level – and probably more powerful than she realizes.

The last point of the episode also helps explain the series Another’ looming question: How on earth did the uncle think he was “alone” He’s been with Elf and Mabel for years? In short, they never managed to form a permanent party. Elf and Uncle both have their own goals (which don’t always match), and Mabel’s night owl sleep schedule keeps her from cooperating.

All in all, this episode was more interesting than leaking plot points Addresses deeper themes as in previous episodes, but I’m not complaining. Humor is present throughout, and our knowledge of magic, fantasy worlds, and Uncle’s history helps explain many of Uncle’s quirks in the first few episodes. Episode 6 is yet another episode in a consistently strong series.


Random thoughts:

• Important questions remain unanswered about Uncle’s past – such as “How did Uncle come back to our world? of?” and “What happened to Elf and Mabel?” – but I doubt we’ll find them any time soon.

• If his first few days are in Uncle’s estimate It’s “good” and I’m worried about what it’s like to see a bad day.

• So, memories are not erased, they are just is blocked. Knowing this is useful.

• A few years ago, when I read a little comic , I don’t care about Mabel. Aoi Yuki ‘ interpretation of the character completely changed my opinion of her.

• The sound Mabel makes while sleeping is funny.

• The elf wants her ring broken.

• Although there are two explanations Uncle said he would treat high Wen and Fujinomiya go to ramen and then don’t have enough money, the one I tend to go is he’s still thinking 2000 when he assumes the price of a bowl of ramen (especially considering he doesn’t do a similar “con” when inviting Genie and Mabel to dinner ). It’s just that inflation is a bitch.

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