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Uncle From Another World – Episode 7

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The second half of the season kicks off and we finally meet our third and final heroine: Alicia. While this is her first real attention, she’s been behind the scenes for much of the season (you can even catch a glimpse of her back in the first few episodes). The interesting thing about Alicia is that she How the other heroines in the story are different. Both Elf and Mabel have character issues that prevent him from developing a closer relationship with his uncle: Elf can’t admit to him how he really feels and act accordingly, and Mabel is too lazy/self-conscious center and unable to work. Alicia, on the other hand, has no such problem. She is nice, outgoing, and willing to put one’s actions above appearance.

The reason why she can’t get close to Uncle is because of his own insecurities , not hers. It’s hard for uncle to admit when he’s wrong, even to himself. (I mean, just see how he reacts to Takafumi accusing him of not using

Golden Axe

tactics in real combat. ) The fact that Alicia saw him rebuild the barrier (which means he was the one who broke it) panics him and wipes her memory. While she and her mates were happy to accept him into their party – they did it twice in the episode after all – the fact that he had no problem resetting their relationship to zero means they were likely to be forever acquaintance.

Of course, just because memories are wiped doesn’t mean Events they are related to not happening, which leads to some unforeseen consequences. After removing the uncle from the equation, Alicia and friends seem to have single-handedly defeated the goblin army — even if they don’t remember how they did it. No wonder people started calling her a “hero”? Now she’s sent on missions well above her pay grade, and even she doesn’t know her limitations. Hopefully when the going gets tough, she’ll keep running into her uncle – although if he keeps wiping her memory every time, I’m afraid we’ll all be seriously emotionally hurt.

The other half of the episode shifts focus to Fujinomiya and Xiaowen’s relationship. After seeing what appears to be Fujinomiya being attacked, the uncle asks Gawain to use his magic power to save her. Although motivation is a misunderstanding, Gawain’s newfound power has given him a confidence he once lacked in expressing his feelings. He’s straightforward about how beautiful he thinks Fujinomiya is and how insecure he feels about the idea of ​​Fujinomiya being with other men, and he’s basically not afraid to play superheroes for her. Unsurprisingly, Fujimiya is disappointed by this, especially since the heroics he has attempted in the past are what made her like him in the first place. In this state, he can understand (perhaps for the first time) that she might actually have a romantic interest in him. Of course, absolute power absolutely corrodes, and he immediately asks Fujinomiya’s friends for information on all the men who are interested in her to crush them.

Honestly, this is my favorite drama so far one of the sets. Not only do we get an introduction to our final heroine, but we also get to see why Fujinomiya falls in love with someone like Gawain. While he’s a forgetful nerd most of the time, he’ll stand up to protect those he cares about — superpowers or not.


Random thoughts:

• Pixie always tries to be just right in front of others, so it’s nice to see her doing something stupid things like picking up her necklace and her feet.

• I don’t know if the fantasy world is really fated hero. Probably just anyone strong enough to be called a “hero”.

• Seriously, erase without the consent of others The memory of others is the worst thing uncle who is far from enough has ever done.

• “For modern people, without a smartphone, It’s like playing a game without a controller”…ouch.

• Seeing Fujimiya’s younger brother and younger self, I want to see what her parents look like.

• Fujimiya’s older brother is not impressed with old man YouTubers deep.

• Boy, Takafumi did learn how to use these very quickly magic.

• Child Fujinomiya’s voice suddenly changed after child Xiaowen The moment she got cute and girly came to her to help keep me rolling.

• I wish we could see more of Fujimiya’s friend. Her outside perspective on the whole thing should be interesting.

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