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Undead Unluck ‒ Episode 9

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While I was a bit iffy on the first couple of episodes in this Spoil/Victor Double Feature Arc, the back half has been quite excellent. I’d say that “Return” is a near-perfect episode of . Doesn’t mean that it is the greatest episode of television that I’ve ever seen but it accomplishes what it sets out to do without any major hiccups or caveats. This is a very good thing, considering that what it sets out to do is: “Be an absolute blast of ridiculous, gory fun.”

I have only one criticism for this entire episode, I’m not a huge fan of the intense red color palette used for these big fight scenes. The same effect was used during Fuko and Andy’s battle against Gena, and I didn’t like it then, either. It’s moody, but also so overpowering that it legitimately strains my eyes after only a few minutes. The color scheme gets better as the episode goes through, and not everyone is going to have the same issue as me.

Everything else, though? Feel free to insert one of those “Chef’s Kiss” GIFs right here, because this meal was très délicieux. It is just a great time watching all of the Union members utilize their unique Negator abilities to try and hold off Victor’s relentless assault. We haven’t known a lot of these characters very well, yet, but there’s so much personality on display that it helps endear us to them. Victor splitting himself up into a bunch of clone Victors from his fingers is badass, and the running gag of that one Billy guy not being able to see all of the ridiculous shit going on had me laughing every time.

The real star of this episode is the bond between Fuko and Andy at the center of what makes “Return” work so well. Not only does her emotional investment in saving Andy from Victor’s domination provide the emotional stakes that are needed for a big fight episode like this one, but it also cements how likable and believable her extremely weird relationship with this schlong-slinging zombie freak has become. Honestly, it even makes the awkward fanservice from the early episodes easier to stomach in retrospect, if only because it helped build up to Fuko’s desperate attempts to Unluck Victor out of his own body. Welcome to , everyone, where the scene of the flustered heroine willingly smashing her bare tits onto the face of the hero isn’t just character development—it’s a genuinely sweet moment of romantic affection. What a world we live in.

So, yeah, if I wasn’t already all-in on before, this episode has fully converted me. Consider James Beckett to be the newest recruit in the Cult of Undead Andy. The only other complaint I could level at “Return” is that I am once again reminded that being stuck in the Hulu Hoosegow might be seriously limiting the access and appeal of this show to the wider anime community. So, dear readers here is your homework for the week: Go and tell every single person that you know who has a stomach for That Really Weird Shit to go out and watch immediately. Gift them a Hulu subscription if you have to. If they live outside of the U.S., gift them one of those VPNs that the YouTubers are always hawking. We need to spread the good word of the Dong Dangling Zombie Savior and His Adorably Awkward Shut-In Disciple Slash Girlfriend. It’ll be the perfect Christmas Gift for the weebs and weebettes in your life. Just, you know, don’t go showing it to Grandma at the family get-together this holiday season.

Or maybe do! I don’t know what kind of freaky cartoon violence your MeeMaw is into. Maybe she’s a Gran of Good Taste! All the better to get more eyes on this wonderful show, at any rate.


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