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Understanding Putri Girsang

Today’s Spotlight: Jewelry DesignerPutri Girsang is living out her childhood dream with her flower-inspired creations. Here’s what makes Brooklynites tick…

Full name/pronoun: Putri Girsang (she/her)

Instagram account: @iefputri & @putrigirsangjewelry



Vogue Club Member since: May

My signature look: Cutout dresses, corsets, and of course anything sexy! Most of the time, you’ll find me in a denim mini skirt and crop top with a saltwater pearl necklace I made myself. A finishing touch: black platform boots or sneakers.

Favorite designer or brand: Schiaparelli , Donatella Versace, Christian Dior, Miu Miu, Valentino, Mugler, Diesel

on my fashion wishlist : first things to do Here’s the thing: launching my own jewelry brand. My dream is to wear a dress I make to the Met Gala, or just to see someone wearing it! As far as my wardrobe goes: vintage rose gold and diamond Rolexes, Mugler’s signature metallic bodysuit, Diesel’s mirrored silver shoulder bag and Chanel chain straps (and barrettes!).

A fun fact about yourself: As a person in Indonesia Growing up as a child, I collected cassava leaves every day to weave into necklaces. I dream of one day making gold necklaces of the same striking shape. With the knowledge gained under the tutelage of some of the famous designers in New York, my childhood dream has come true.

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