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Understated Elegance Is the New Quiet Luxury—How Kendall, Hailey, and Sofia’s Stylist Master the Less-Is-More Approach

How does Dimicco keep those simple pieces feeling fresh each day? “It’s all about investing in well-made accessories,” says Dimicco “When your outfits are simple, accessories are the finishing touch to add interest and take your look to the next level. I like to have a bit more fun choosing my jewelry, belts, and handbags. One of my best tips is to choose anything with hardware wisely. This is where spending a bit more can make a big difference. Accessories should be pieces that you have for seasons to come and are worn countless times so they are worth the investment.”

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Subtraction> Addition

Photo: @sofiarichiegrainge

Photo: @sofiarichiegrainge

Liat Baruch, who styles Sofia Richie, says it’s important to not overdo it. “I see too many people who pile on the gold jewelry, flashy bags, etcetera with what otherwise would be a great minimalist look,” she says. “Keep it simple! Every outfit does not need a gold earring, a long necklace, unnecessary rings, or an It bag. A good practice is to subtract from looks rather than add.”

When in doubt, stick to the essentials. “I believe that less is more, and I don’t love overly revealing looks,” says Baruch. “I try to keep things simple and classic and leave the rest to the imagination. I have my go to basics like a simple white T-shirt, a crisp button-down, and high-waisted jeans that I like to mix with more contemporary pieces.”

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August leather shoulder bag


Charlene denim midiskirt

The Row

Ginza two-tone platform flip flops

The Row

Half Moon leather shoulder bag

The Row

Delphine knit pants

Proenza Schouler White Label

Twin striped canvas tote

Proenza Schouler

draped strapless top


deconstructed mini dress

Proenza Schouler

Glove leather ballerina flats


5mm macramé leather loafers

Comfort + Craftsmanship=Sartorial Success

“I’m always guided by what I feel comfortable in,” says Gabriella Periera, co-founder and designer of the timeless luxury ready-to-wear label Beare Park. “When I’m conscious of what I’m wearing, I’ll have a bad day. I tend to gravitate toward relaxed tailoring, elegant silhouettes, and neutral colors. Always simple, androgynous, and classic.”

Periera advises to take a closer look at how items are made. “I love classic and sophisticated pieces with hero craftsmanship,” says Periera. “We are incredibly lucky to work with such talented artisans in Australia, as well as some of the oldest and finest mills throughout the world. All have a profound understanding and appreciation for true craftsmanship. It is something that need not be promoted loudly, but rather felt quietly when wearing each piece.”



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