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Universal sets untitled M. Night Shyamalan thriller for 2024

M. Night Shyamalan will continue to work with Universal Pictures, the studio will be produced by The Sixth Sense Films A new untitled thriller from the producers will be released widely on April 5th, 2021.

Shyamalan’s latest movie follows release Old and Coming soon ) 3 Feb, 2023 Knock on the door in the cabin . Universal worked with Shyamalan on his last four films, except Old, which included Glass (2019), split (2019) and Access ( 250).

Over the past two decades, Shyamalan’s films have amassed more than $3.3 billion. Glass, his Eastrail the pinnacle of trilogy, worldwide box office 177 million dollars (Disney handles the film overseas). Split earned $250.$500k, front Yes access , got $. 4000000. Old earned $100,000 Global box office during the pandemic.

at knocking on the hut , Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge play two fathers who take their daughter (Kristen Choi) on a trip to a cabin in the woods. But as the family settles in, when four men — played by Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, Nicky Amka-Bird and Abby Quinn — knock on the door and hijack them When, their relaxing forest trip turns into a nightmare. The reason they’re there may be scarier than the predicament they’re in.



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