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Universal Studios Japan’s Cool Japan Gets 1st Collab with My Hero Academia

Go Plus Ultra in the upcoming and Universal Studio Japan collaboration event.

Image via My Hero Academia anime’s Twitter account

With the recent announcement of the return of the XR ride to Universal Studio Japan (USJ), the theme park had one more surprise announcement. An event with the popular anime and manga series by Kōhei Horikoshi, .

#ヒロアカ (heroaca) × #USJ Collaboration is coming!!

Collaboration decision between “” and Universal Studios Japan ( USJ ) !!
The attraction starts on Wednesday, March 1, 2024!!!

Details will be announced at a later date.
Look forward to it!

NO LIMIT! and Plus Ultra!!

In an announcement on December 4, USJ revealed they would be collaborating with for an event at the park. The event is slated to run between Friday, March 1 to Wednesday, August 14, 2024. There are few details listed on the official site at the moment. However, USJ states, roughly translated, “Be captivated by the fierce battle between the heroes and villains that will appear before your eyes with the scale and quality unique to the park!”

While the dates are subject to change, this will certainly be a fun spring and summer break activity for any fan.

Universal Cool Japan 2024 will also again host attractions for and Monster Hunter.

While this may be the first large-scale collaboration with and USJ, it is not the first time Deku has appeared at the theme park. The Universal Jump Summer event in 2016 featured some trick street art for .

Sources: Universal Studio Japan, ‘s Twitter account, Comic Natalie



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