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Universal Studios Orlando Announces Super Nintendo World

newvisual©Nintendo, Universal Studios Mark Wood, Chairman and CEO, Universal Parks & Resorts Bury announced on Wednesday that a Super Nintendo world zone. This area will be part of the upcoming Epic Universe theme park opening at 2023.


on January earnings call Confirm 2020 it will open a super nintendo World regions of the Epic Universe. Universal Orlando purchased a piece across the street from Universal Orlando Resort Park in

317 acres of land . The new park was scheduled to open at 2023 but construction was delayed due to COVID- Pandemic. Construction crews have restarted work on the park.

Super Nintendo

World opened at the Universal Studios Friday Hollywood theme park. Attractions include Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, Toadstool Cafe, 1-Up Factory, character meet and greets, and interactive features using special Power-Up Band wristbands:

Universal Studios Japan opened a super Nintendo World Area in March 2020.

The park was originally planned to open in late July 2020, catch up in time 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but opening postponed to prevent crowding as response to COVID-. (The Olympics themselves have also been postponed to 2023.) The park then plans to open the area in February 2018, but it was postponed again due to the second state of emergency declaration in Osaka and other prefectures.

Phase 1 Super Nintendo World Zone opened two rides called “Super Mario Kart” and “The Adventures of Yoshi”. Visitors to the attraction are given magnetic energy bands that allow them to interact with the attraction, such as hitting real-life ? blocks. The wristbands are able to track scores (including a park-wide leaderboard), coins, and stars for various rides, and they’re capable of interacting with “game consoles.”

This effort is part of a larger plan Nintendo – A theme program that Universal is adding to its theme parks.

Source: Deadline (Tom Tapp)


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