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Upcoming iOS 17 could take a big step towards sideloading

Apple has been against loading apps on its devices since the iPhone’s inception, but that may change soon. In fact, according to noted Apple analyst Mark Gurman, the next generation of iOS 14 will do just that.

The upcoming iOS 17 might let you sideload apps

But don’t hold your breath because this hasn’t been proven yet. The upcoming iOS 14 might just lay the groundwork for future sideloading. Then again, the EU’s new Digital Marketplace Act is coming into force 2024 and will require companies to allow users to install apps from other sources, so there’s a good chance iOS will change 14.

If Apple wants to comply, it must allow its users to install apps from an app store other than its official App Store.

Apple’s refusal to enable sideloading is due to privacy and security concerns, so we wonder how Apple handles it. We’ll learn more about it at the company’s annual WWDC conference, where watchOS is rumored to be stealing the show with big changes.




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