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Upcoming Meme Tokens, Big Eyes Coin Eye Big Breaks Like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu

DeFi tokens continue to gain increasing adoption and continue to bring innovation to the progressive industry Among DeFi tokens, meme tokens (tokens created based on themes, internet jokes, or popular/trending themes) Rising innovation as DeFi grows.

Some meme coins created after the launch of Dogecoin – with no asset-backed utility – now power utilities and projects.

While DeFi is hyped up with projects and cryptocurrencies, it’s okay to be skeptical about any project that isn’t on the top 100 or 200 cryptocurrency list. But did you know that these alternative fields could be your gold mine?

For example, there are newer cryptocurrencies such as Big Eyes Coin (BIG) — a feline-themed meme token. Just like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, $BIG will make a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency market.

Over the course of this article, we’re going to dive into the cryptocurrency everyone’s talking about, and after raising $1 million just days after its launch, it’s set to make huge strides in the cryptocurrency industry success.


Dogecoin leads the way up Trend, a signal of a potential price increase?

Dogecoin, billionaire investor and CEO Elon Musk’s preferred meme coin, is still the market-based crypto market The #1 meme coin has a capitalization of over $9 billion. This comes after media criticized Dogecoin for not powering utilities like its meme coin rivals – Shiba Inu and FLOKI.

Dogecoin founders were also skeptical of their token and came up with a stronger, more powerful token. Consistent community as a way to keep Dogecoin alive.

In 2015, Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer left the project, citing the toxic crypto community and more. While this move left its mark on Dogecoin, it did not limit the coin from reaching the sky.

Dogecoin seems to be a mirror of many emerging meme tokens. Its tenacity and resilience in the uncertain crypto market season has made it the store of value of choice for many crypto contributors and enthusiasts.

What adds to Dogecoin’s advantage is its large community on the internet who hijacked the project and have a duty to see that Dogecoin’s rival Shiba Inu won’t surpass it (as SHIB’s target: dethrone Dogecoin).

Dogecoin, leading regular positives could set it to the high end of the meme token seesaw. This could make it difficult for other competing meme tokens to reach DOGE’s landmark.

Shiba Inu’s Strategic Moves to Destroy the World of Memes One of the top meme tokens in . This follows Shiba Inu’s strategic partnerships, internet activities and innovations.

For example, Shiba Inu is accepted as a payment method by many merchants and B2B companies. Additionally, SHIB has partnered with graphic design and illustration company The Third Floor and film production giant Marvel to bring the token to the entertainment industry.

Shiba Inu has over 1.5 million community members who are token holders and contributors to the Shibaverse. This strong community keeps the meme token relevant and keeps expanding and surging the crypto market.

High volatility and extreme prices are conditions Shiba Inu faces. This can be an added advantage for advanced traders who use it to expand their portfolio.

ShibVerse has launched its first non-custodial DEX, ShibaSwap, which supports cross-chain swaps on over 4 blockchains. This strategic move makes it easier for traders on ShibaSwap to leverage SHIB and use the token to create deep liquidity.

Both ShibArmy and utilities in the Shiba ecosystem contribute to a price breakout that could propel SHIB to the top of the top 10 cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and others.

A newcomer who disrupts dog competition by introducing cats

Before the introduction of this article, we introduced Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a cat-themed meme token looking to bring its quota into the meme token ecosystem. The push by Big Eyes (BIG) is to provide solutions to some of the problems surrounding DeFi, such as low liquidity, fraudulent NFTs, high carbon emissions, and more.

Big Eyes aims to use its meme token [BIG] to change narratives and support charitable and environmental causes.

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will have 200,000,000,000 BIG Tokens are available. 70% will be used for private sales and pre-sale. During the pre-sale, anyone can buy BIG tokens and become part of the ecosystem.

Additionally, holders of BIG tokens can provide liquidity through decentralized protocols on Big Eyes, including Big Eyes NFTs. 5% of transaction fees (+1% from NFT transactions) go to charity.

In conclusion, loyal users of the Big Eyes ecosystem receive huge rewards in the form of BIG tokens and other loyalty rewards, currently and not yet present in the ecosystem.

Big Eyes will be released via public release

Big Eyes craze hangs after pre-sale. This is because many enthusiasts are already buying BIG tokens in bulk as it has the potential to skyrocket with public introductions.

The frenzy to buy BIG tokens is because the protocol is properly audited and does not seem to be a piece of cake (although due diligence is advised before participating).

Big Eyes is following the success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Its success plan has been mapped out in its roadmap to show interested individuals and institutions how they can be a part of Big Eyes innovations and projects. Only those who currently hold Big Eyes Native Coin (BIG) will be part of its present and future.

How to be a part of the Big Eyes Ecosystem

Become a Big Eyes Ecosystem as a community driven ecosystem Part of the system is necessary to contribute to its governance protocol. Just like SHIB and DOGE, BIG is the only ticket you need to be part of the agreement. Here are the steps to buy $BIG tokens:

Step 1 — Visit the main Big Eyes website

As mentioned earlier, Big Eyes is devoting 70% of its total supply to pre-sale. At the time of writing, only 9 billion tokens remain of the 140 billion tokens dedicated to the pre-sale phase. You can still participate in the pre-sale and buy as many tokens as you want.

Step 2 – Purchase BIG Tokens with Credit/Debit Card

You can simply buy BIG tokens with a debit or credit card. If you cannot buy BIG Tokens due to jurisdictional restrictions, you can connect a crypto wallet and make a purchase: see how to do it in step 3.

Step 3 – Connect Crypto Wallet

Suggested wallets may include MetaMask or Trust Wallet. You can register MetaMask wallet as a browser extension or as a standalone platform.

Step 4 — Fund your wallet with USDT or ETH

Make sure your crypto wallet is fully funded. Otherwise, use a P2P exchange or fund the digital asset with USDT or ETH by purchasing it from a centralized exchange and sending it to your wallet connected above.

Step 5 — Buy ​​BIG Tokens

The next step is to go to Section with the “Buy Now” label and click the button to start following the instructions to get started in the step-by-step process above.

You can find more information here.



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