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Uptown Girls 20 Year Anniversary: Fans Are Still Obsessed With the Iconic Blumarine Dress

The actual dress worn by Murphy in the film was sold at auction back in 2012. There were only nine bids in the sale (which was hosted on Julien’s Auctions), and a lucky bidder won the dress for a cool $1,920 (a steal, considering how famous it is now). While only a handful of the exact Blumarine dresses remain out in the world, they continue to pop up from time to time. One recently sold on Luxhave for a pricier $8,500; a TikTok creator who owns one also claims she thrifted it from the Melrose Trading Post (lucky her).

Blumarine spring 2002Photo: Getty Images

Another owner of the prized frock today? Socialite Ivy Getty, who was spotted wearing the coveted style to the Vogue World fashion show just last year. “I must have been searching for the dress for at least a decade,” Getty, who is a big fan of the film, tells Vogue of acquiring it. “I finally got notified from a friend that it was selling online, and I bought it immediately. It is easily my favorite piece in my closet. It is not only visually beautiful, but Molly gave life to the dress that will never be forgotten.”

A hefty price tag hasn’t stopped other fans from getting their hands on the dress, however. Many are so obsessed with the dress that they’re even DIYing it themselves at home. One TikTok creator, for instance, impressively re-created it by customizing a slip dress. If they can’t DIY it, they’re finding similar styles. This TikTok creator reworked a vintage slip dress with more sequins and beads to make it feel more like the Bluemarine style. Another creator also found an extremely similar style at an estate style.



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