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US Vogue's new head coach Thom Browne brings his annual football game to Notre Dame

Before kicking off, I have to address the obvious with a disclaimer (let’s see how many football references I can fit here). If you know my byline, it’s safe to assume that sports commentary is not what you want, but let me assure you, dear reader, that I know nothing about American football. I was born and raised in Bolivia, “football” is football and “American football” (as we call it) is just not a thing.

Thom Browne’s first scene The game took place at 2014. In the years since, it has become an event among fashion lovers – a post on my Instagram about football sparked a dozen replies asking if I had attended the “TB Soccer Game” – as it uniquely combines marketing opportunities (linked to the capsule collection) with the fashion community surrounding the brand. So far, the game’s Featuring numerous editors, models and celebrities. This year, given the location is the South Quadrangle of Notre Dame’s campus, the school’s students have taken on the roles of players, spectators and cheerleaders, wearing a collection based on the classic All-American prelims.

Themed in light grey, white, khaki and navy, featuring brand signatures such as sack jackets and pleated skirts, as well as long-sleeve striped rugby polo shirts and waffle-knit trousers , high-top canvas sneakers, and shorts. Cashmere heavy-gauge waffle-knit beanies, scarves and cardigans complete the collection, as well as a down parka inspired by the swim gowns Browne used to wear— — In my opinion, this is the MVP of the capsule.

Led by superstar coach and athlete Joe Holder with teams divided by color. As I said, I’m not a reporter for ESPN, so I’m not entirely sure What happened on the field. All I know is that the Navy beat the Grays, and the best part of the game was a courtside comment from Thom Browne PRs: “I have two crushes, they’re on opposing teams,” I Heard one say.

” I love that this work is on its own,” Brown said over breakfast, joking that he’s sure we reporters are often “tortured” by him not sharing more stories. “But I really feel like sometimes those words are ruined. It,” he continued. “There’s being a rational reason, but I don’t want to over-rationalize it. I don’t think too much about it. I like my gut to let you see some of that spontaneity, which I think is more interesting in many ways. “



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