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Usher's stylish wardrobe at Paris Fashion Week was 'a show'

Usher was impressed by the theatrical effects and costumes on display in the week’s top-grossing show. At Louis Vuitton, who collaborated with KidSuper this season, he focused on Rosalía’s special performance. “I’m almost more concerned with her than with the clothes; I’m obsessed with what she does,” he said. “It’s a hard path to walk in the shadow of someone you love so much, and Virgil has passed away. It’s a hard act to follow. But the energy feels young and alive.” Moses who sang on the show was shocked. “Man, I’m such a huge fan,” Usher said. “We don’t see his face—you just hear his voice. It’s a reminder that sophistication and simplicity always win, even in grand spaces.”

In all of the presentations, the star made sure to bring her own personal look. “I like to show respect to designers with what I wear because I want them to know that I’m a fan of what they do,” Usher said. “I like to show how I put things together from their collections.” Some of his favorite looks this week include an all-gray leather look he wore for Rick Owens. “I love my Rick costume—I think it’s murdered,” he says. “I was the only one in the room wearing gray.” He even dyed his hair orange for Fashion Week. “I started with orange hair and by the end of the trip I [turned it back] black,” he said. “No artist should ever be one way or do one thing consistently; we need to be able to spread our wings and have fun.”

The star says Fashion Week Now Already over, his creative wellspring is breathing life into his upcoming projects. “I leave feeling energized — like my artist batteries are recharged,” he says. He is currently an executive producer on the upcoming Storyville, a Jazz Age drama set in New Orleans. He’s also set to take the stage again in Las Vegas, where he landed a successful residency at Park MGM Resorts called My Way . He said he is now inspired to bring some new fashion to the stage. “Expect the unexpected—especially for me,” Arthur said. “I’m so rebellious about being in a box that I might want to be buried in a triangle.”

Here’s a closer look at Usher’s Paris Fashion Week looks.



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