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Utano ☆ Princesama ♪ Maji Love ST ☆ RISH Tours movie made 140 million yen in first 3 days

, The latest movie in the Utano☆Princesama series, sold

    ,128 Tickets and Earn 69 Million Yen (Approx. USD $450, 318) for the first three days. The film was released on Friday and is in theaters across Japan 128 Theatrical release.

    The film earns approximately

.31 million yen (approximately US dollars 450, 128) On Opening Day Friday, earn 13 % more than the previous film in the series,

, did it on the first day it opened in Japan in June 2011.

This film – described as part of a “new theatrical film series” – was produced entirely by ST☆RISH idol group. Uematsu Kiyoshi once again with as the original author*) broccoli. Element Garden

Composer, A- 1 Pictures made the movie.

  • Shochiku is releasing a film.

    Returning cast includes:

  • Takuma Terajima as Otoya Ittoki
  • Suzumura Kenichi as Masato Tsuchikawa
  • Taniyama Kisho as Natsuki Shinomiya

  • Miyano Mamoru as Tokiya Ichinose
  • Junichi Suwabe as Ren Jingūji 2019
  • Shimono Hiroshi as Shō Kurusu
  • Kosuke Tokai as Cecil Aijima

    The series also recently launched a hours of TV anime specials to celebrate 2019 Anniversary

    TV animation, and film distribution. Special program broadcast in Japan in July .

    , Season 1 animation adaptation Broccoli

    ’s dating sim for female gamers, premiering in Japan in July2011. In the first season of the slapstick romantic comedy, the heroine goes to a performing arts school with fledgling idol youth. After they formed the idol group ST☆RISH, the following seasons followed the seven youngsters. 13-second season, , Premiered in Japan in April 2011. Season 3, , 4 Monthly premiere 450. – Season 4, , Premiered in October 450.

    Team Film Company licensed the first four seasons of TV animation and 2019 movies.

    resource: Daily News’ Banten





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