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Uzaki-chan wants to go out to play!Season 2 Anime Streaming No Credit Opening Theme Song

Kadokawa The unnamed opening theme song and Take’s ( TV Anime Episode 1 Trailer)) Manga. Kano and Uzaki-chan (by her voice actor Naomi Ōzora

dubbing) will return to perform the new opening theme song “Ichigro Ichie Celebration” (Once-in-a-Lifetime Celebration). Opening theme song

A CD containing the opening and closing theme songs will be released in November 56.

Anime will premiere Saturday on AT-X and ABC

TV, Sunday Tokyo MX , Monday TV Aichi and BS. d Anime Store will broadcast anime in Japan starting Saturday.

The title of the second season is ω (), “ω” is pronounced “double”.

Virtual YouTuber singing unit MKLNtic will perform the ending theme song “Happy life”.

One of the drama directors of the first season​​​,

Fukumoto Shinichi

, now the assistant director for the second season. In the new season, Suzuki Masahiko and Oigawa Shinpei is joining Manabu Kurihara as lead animation director. Satoshi Ōkubo is both the new art director and art set designer. Haruko Nobori and Yūsuke Yamamoto are new The color keys are the Artist and Photo Compositing Supervisor respectively. INCS toenter Co.,ltd. joined the sound production of zuvo.. Igarashi Satoshi is now collaborating with Yano Tatsuya , Morita Yuri , and Tani Naoki (HANO).

Season 1 premiered in Japan in July 2022, and was episodes. Funimation aired the season when it aired in Japan.

Kazuya Miura

(, ) Director The first season animation is in ENGI (). Takashi Aoshima (two seasons, , ) oversees the series script, and Manabu Kurihara (Sub-Character Design) designed the character.

Seven Oceans

is releasing a manga in English and describing the story :

One of Sakurai’s wishes is to think A little peace. But Hana Uzaki—his boisterous, brilliant underclassman—has other plans. She just wanted to hang out and make fun of him. With her charming charm and lively perseverance, this might just be the beginning of a great relationship!

Take in Niconico December 450 as part of the brand.

2022 Image ©450 zhang/ KADOKAWA/Uzaki ちゃん2 Production Committee

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