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Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!Season 2 ‒ Episode 13

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You bastards are too close. On the one hand, I’m glad the series ended with some really lovely reflections and developments, but on the other hand, I could see the writers on the other side of the screen back off at the last minute. It’s infuriating to have a romance series that barely develops. Still, it’s downright criminal when a show teases or brilliantly introduces dramatic conflict and progression, only to back off in order to maintain some lame status quo. Oh, and if you read the manga ahead of time and know what’s supposed to happen immediately after this ending, this feels like an extra strong kick in the tooth.

So we finally get the return of the trailer from the beginning of the season. Of course, this is a standard misunderstanding, Sakurai fell on Uzaki’s body, making people feel that something intimate is about to happen. I like how they were a bit vague about what he would have done if he hadn’t passed out. But Uzaki’s father is just outside the apartment, which means that no matter what happens, nothing will actually progress. The real highlight of the episode is Sakurai’s perspective, as he straight up admits that he remembers everything that happened the night before, including the realization that Uzaki is in love with him, and it torments him internally. He just wants to pretend it didn’t happen because he doesn’t want to confront the things anyone is blaming him for. The funniest part of this episode is when he tells his best friend what he found, only for that best friend to turn around and yell at him, I’m sure every viewer of this show wants to be at that point Shout out to Sakurai before.

So many good things last episode The scene, kind of depressing about Sakurai saying how he wants to do the right thing with Uzaki, that he’s going to really think about everything, just makes him just dance around everything like he really wants to maintain the status quo. I understand his logic because he now has to think about their relationship to information that Uzaki didn’t think about because he now has to think about their relationship. It’s a nice juxtaposition to the way Uzaki’s been thinking for most of the season, when she’s been convincing herself that Sakurai has always loved her, but nothing more; Great dialogue. Despite this, they are still happening 5 to Minutes before the end of the final episode.

When Sakurai monologues that he always knew how deep he was, really So satisfying, and he’s been avoiding obvious answers about his feelings for Uzaki. He loves her and cares about her. I know it’s not that simple to confess to someone, but narratively it only satisfies the bare minimum of satisfaction as a viewer. Considering the way this episode ended, it really reminded me of the pacing of the season as a whole, leading me to believe that if we just cut out half an episode of the filler that was obviously put here, then they could definitely flesh out more than one episode. This is especially difficult when you consider that we may not release a third season for a while. Overall, Uzaki-chan Season 2 has some Highest points of the season, but they ended up in the fluff, which tested my patience instead of allowing it to be rewarded.


Season 2 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll .

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