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Valentino escapes to Bridgehampton with chic lunch with Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

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In Ravello, Valentino red parasols and beach changing rooms have taken over. The cliffside pool deck at the Palazzo Avino resort has become the seaside destination for a Valentino Escape pop-up, celebrating the Italian brand’s resort series. The photogenic Italian pop-up store is taking Instagram by storm, and this weekend, Long Island experienced its magic — if only for an afternoon.

Maria in Bridgehampton Township And Ken Fisher’s picturesque home, Valentino brought their Valentino Escape collection – along with those much-photographed parasols and beach lounge chairs. The well-dressed couple graciously opened up their estate to celebrate the occasion. Emma Roberts, Candance Bushnell, Coco Bassey, Charlotte Groeneveld and Sarah Hoover ( Sarah Hoover and other high-profile guests were in attendance, most wearing pieces with the iridescent Valentino logo (Valentino Loop) or elegant black and white leopard print. (A reinterpretation of the archival version) Featured content in this collection. 2023

The guests arrived at Fischer Cocktail parties on the lawn; The Pool House serves as a pop-up boutique, selling capsule collections that take inspiration from vintage Valentinos and reinvent iconic pieces for today’s jet-setter. Partygoers are shopping with cocktails in their hands. “I’ll wear everything here,” Roberts declared as she perused the collection with her boyfriend, Cody John.

The sun (it was a warm day) tempted everyone. Lunch of branzino and pesto pasta in the tent. Bridgehampton (and its neighboring towns) encourage long lunches and lazy afternoons, which is how the rest of the day is spent. After the plates were cleared, guests continued to chat about the stunning beaded jeans Kaia Gerber wore to the recent Valentino Couture show, and the best places to eat lobster rolls. Several conversations turned to plans for the remainder of the summer. Some partygoers end up in Italy; thankfully, after a quick trip to the pool house, they’ll be able to shop for vacation clothes. 2023



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