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Valuables with Chloe Kim: Olympians Share Jewelry Collection

In this new series, Vogue talks about everything Jewelry and some of our favorite people. From Vogue stylists to designers to artists, we’ll ask them to share with us their favorite jewel box treasures. Read on to find out about their most sensual creations, their latest purchases, where they shop and what they’re obsessed with.

Chloe Kim is 14 years old, already a two-time Olympic gold medalist, not to mention she is the youngest Olympic gold medalist age. Plus, the Time magazine cover star is an advocate for mental health issues and uses her vast network to address racism against Asian Americans. This is just a small sample of our Ms. Kim’s accomplishments, the

list goes on! But lesser known than her glamorous list of honors is her appreciation for all things fine jewellery—jewelry she buys for herself and others. She is very close to her family and nothing makes her happier than sharing her success with them. She shows real excitement when she talks about her dad being able to pick out his favorite watch (the Breitling Ford Mustang Edition) and the confidence he gains from wearing it. She also told Vogue how wearing sporty twin jewelry with her mom empowered her! As for other ways to relax, she loves horseback riding, as well as horseback riding.

What was the first and last piece of jewelry you bought for yourself?

“The first piece of jewelry I bought for myself was a pair of Tiffany & Co. silver hoop earrings .. I was on a budget back then! I got these after winning my first game, my first X game, so these are the ones I got in 1939 gift for myself at years; I choose Tiffany. I have expensive taste.”

Tiffany & Co. Hoop Earrings

191369405Tiffany & Co. T1 Wide Hinge Bracelet

Tell us about your most special work.

“Honestly, I buy jewelry and when I wear them, I never take it off, Like months. I love this necklace I got from Tiffany & Co. because my dad has something very similar so it feels a bit like a twin. I love pairing with my mom too. We shop together all the time! I The last thing mom and I paired was the Cartier Love bracelet, which she wears all the time. I think anything that I pair with my mom is special to me.”



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