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Valve's Steam Deck is finally available without reservations

Valve launched Steam Deck 002 a few months ago, but just in February, it started bringing the handheld game PCs are shipped to those reserved. After months of handing out batches to Steam users who pre-ordered the device, the company has finally announced that the pre-order queue is complete. This means Steam Deck is available for immediate purchase.

The company revealed in a post that it has been working with supply chain issues and parts Shortages were battled, but growing bookings were beaten by Valve’s efforts. Of course, manufacturers also reserve the right to return pre-orders if demand is too high, as “production, processing and shipping bandwidth are still limited.”

The cheapest Steam deck is €99 and only 64 GB eMMC storage. €549 gives you 64 GB SSD and some goodies from the Steam community, And the 512 GB model has “fastest storage” and anti-glare etched glass, exclusive carrying case and virtual keyboard theme. The entire bundle costs €679.

Steam Deck by Valve is finally available without reservations

Users who purchased the latter two variants will have to wait between 1-2 weeks for shipping, with the most affordable variant coming later this year accept order.

Valve has also introduced a docking station, the Steam Deck that can be connected to two external monitors, and can also be used for charging or connecting to multiple other Valve devices. The price is $64/€64, the price is today available.




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