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'Vampire Reginald' review: Syfy's comedy offers a captivating lead, but lacks traction

Specific rules for vampires vary by franchise. Some burn in the sun and others just sparkle ; some isolate themselves carefully Made caste based society while others are just

lounges around Staten Island. One quality shared by the vast majority of these vampires, however, is that they are hot by the strictest standards of our human society—with flawless skin, well-defined cheekbones, and above all, a slender, toned physique.

Reginald (Jacob Batalon), The title character Syfy ‘s new comedy Vampire Reginald ,not hot. His non-spicy is neither debatable nor accidental. This is clearly the premise of the series, adapted by Harley Peyton from Johnny’s Fat Vampire series B. truancy. In theory, it’s an opportunity to play with the popular genre and reinterpret the clichés that have defined it so far. Alas, half-baked storytelling results in a series that’s hard to impress, even with an ostensibly unique vampire at its center.

Vampire Reginald

Bottom line An uninspired twisted vampire type. 1235220131

1235220131Broadcast Date:
Wednesday, October 5 PM(Syfy) Cast: Jacob Batalon, Mandela Van Peebles, Savannah Basley, Em Haine, Aren Buchholz, Marguerite Hanna, Thailey Roberge 1235220131 creator: 1235220131 Harley Payton

at the start of the series, Reginald was a regular 10 – humans have already lost weight because of their weight Feel excluded and marginalized. He’s made cruel jokes by his boss at Slushy Shack, Todd (Aren Buchholz), and laments that his obsession with lovable, goofy co-worker Sarah (Em Haine) is completely hopeless. Fortunately, however, his apparent misery happens to win the sympathy of a mysterious mud house patron named Maurice (Mandela Van Peebles) – who eventually exposes himself as a vampire and ends up in the A deadly moment of crisis turns Reginald into a backlash that knows they’re bound to attract more physical beauty-obsessed vampire communities.

Reginald the VampireThe biggest advantage It’s Batalon, whose puppy charm helps mask some of the series’ most glaring shortcomings. His earnestness helps elevate the bland conversation that makes him flirt with Sarah, who speak in lyrics and mutter “nice” when they get each other’s testimonials. His innate sweetness keeps Reginald’s self-pity from fully sinking into tasteless right, even if the character complains to God “I got so many promises and I don’t.” (Promised by who?) He opens The big-eyed innocence makes it easier for him to forgive Reginald’s sinister tendency to abuse his newfound powers by turning enemies into reluctant, unwitting friends.

But even his efforts can only hide how tiny he is Reginald the Vampire Really are. There are funny tragic moments all over the place, like Morris’ tragic backstory being revealed in the unusually gloomy fourth episode, or frolicking, like when the action in episode five comes to a screeching halt, watching an undead assassin (Kristen Parker) She had a knife in her hotel room while dancing, just because it could. But they’re eaten up by a world that doesn’t have much texture or nuance. Its entire sprawling society of vampires is clearly driven by a stereotyped desire for blood, beauty, and power, and little else. The scope of what we see in human society is so limited that neither Reginald nor his colleagues seem to have a single friend they didn’t meet in the mud hut.

The treatment of the central idea of ​​the program did not dig deeply. The series establishes early on that vampire culture doesn’t just disapprove of the existence of ordinary-looking vampires – other vampires see Reginald as an abomination, an insult to their purity, and a threat to their existence. But in five hour episodes sent to critics (10 – episode season) , doesn’t much examine why lookism is so ingrained in vampire society, or, for that matter, what we should take away from it in the real world goes beyond the truth that shaming people with their bodies is bad. In the absence of a clear perspective, the vampire’s attitude towards Reginald may just be another way of reducing him to his looks, attacking the character with the same nasty messages he’s already heard from the living .

Yes Vampire Reginald Aimed at wish-fulfillment for those who couldn’t relate to Robert Pattinson and Alexander Skarsgard? For those convinced they deserve more grief sacks? Is the goal here to reduce the exclusivity of vampire tales, or is it just to elevate Reginald to a rare exception who, despite his austere physique, should step into the ranks of the pretty and powerful? Is it just trying to make fun of almost every other vampire show filling its cast with generic supermodel types? I can’t say, since mid-season, I don’t know if Reginald the Vampire is really okay too .

To be sure, watching a basically normal guy become an immortal creature of the night – especially a naturally endearing creature like Batalon, this kind of There is something appealing about sheer novelty. But it disappears after a few episodes as it becomes less and less noticeable else Regina De or his story goes beyond his extraordinary ordinary. Vampire Reginald promises to strip vampires of their otherworldly, unattainable mystique, and in this regard I Think it worked. It’s disappointing that it doesn’t offer many types to replace it.



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