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'Vanderpump Rules': Messy reunion begins with Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval's tension, threats of violence, and more

The long-awaited Vanderpump Rules reunion finally kicks off amidst tears, hostility and even threats of violence Lisa Vanderpump and her crew discuss the cheating surrounding Tom Sandoval’s longtime partner Ariana Madix and their partner Raquel Lewis.

Bravo aired the first of a three-part reunion on Wednesday, Host Andy Cohen sat with the show’s stars, and Reeves watched the proceedings on a television screen in a private room. Leviss has filed a temporary restraining order against Scheana Shay and the two cannot film together. (This order has been overruled.)

Insults and criticism engulfed the audience as they saw Cohen through a performance before the panelists gathered on stage . Lara Kent compared Sandoval to her ex-husband Randall Emmett, who has been embroiled in a lot of controversy himself, given that Maddix said Sandoval hadn’t moved out of their home.

“This is a dangerous guy,” Kent said of Sandoval. In what would become Vanderpump’s apparent defense of Sandoval, the restaurateur told Kent it was “ridiculous” to say so, and Kent replied, “I didn’t ask anyone for advice.”


Cohen asks Maddix what led her to Sandoval The relationship was divided, she said, “I think he caused the relationship divide because he was fucking other people.” Vanderpump interjected, “Other people [not just] Raquel are very different,” Madix responded, “He is more than Raquel is more fucked.”

Madix blanched Cohen brought up Sandoval, claiming the couple hadn’t been intimate for years. “Intimacy issues aren’t any fucking excuse,” she said. “Either try or break up. So there’s no point in fucking examining the ins and outs of our relationship.” She also blamed Cohen for bringing up their previous close relationship in this case as victim-shaming.

James Kennedy, who was previously engaged to Levis, was apparently there throughout the evening. At one point, he said he used to think of Sandoval as “Big Brother,” leading to a lot of derogatory talk between the two. Kennedy got out of his seat and approached Sandoval, causing Sandoval to threaten, “Get in my face again, and I’ll fuck you, motherfucker.” Kennedy replied, “I’m going to screw you soon.” Cohen tried to get Kennedy even dropped his note card on the stage floor as he returned to his seat, and Kennedy briefly left the stage to cool off.

Cohen asked Sandoval the question everyone was waiting to hear: Why didn’t he tell Madix about Levi’s sooner? “I was obviously scared,” Sandoval said. “And she’s been through a lot during that time, I don’t want to add anything.”

Tom Schwartz claims Sandoval was the first to admit that August slept with Levis . In private conversations with Cohen, Sandoval has said he didn’t involve Schwartz until “mid to late January.”

The conversation turned to Schwartz and Sandy’s, Schwartz and Sandy’s, their recently opened bar in Los Angeles, where Schwartz discussed the immediate hit to business after the scandal broke, And mentions a patron who wrote that “Team Ariana” broke the bathroom mirror. Madix said she wouldn’t talk to anyone who supported Sandoval’s business, which led Vanderpump to ask if Madix would stop talking to her if she continued to run TomTom with him.

“We’re just not going to get that close,” Madix told Vanderpump. “It’s hard for me to confide.”

As for Something About Her, Madix and Katie Maloney’s yet-to-open L.A. sandwich shop, the duo reveal they make about $14,000 by selling merchandise even though the store is not open.

Since then, the drama has continued, including Shay saying Leviss misled her to criticize Maloney, and then calling Leviss a “snake.” Just before the episode ended, Kennedy told Vanderpump, “You’re so rooting for Tom.” He then stormed off the set, where he was seen walking outside, and that’s when the first part of the reunion came to an end. But fear not: Over the next few weeks, there are two more hours of reunion time.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Bravo. The reunion episodes, including the uncensored extended version, will stream exclusively on Peacock the next day. 1235496245



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