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'Vanderpump Rules' reunion reveals private chat between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss about Ariana Madix; restraining order update

Vanderpump Rules Part Two of Reunion Special Featuring Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss From Part 2 of Since the season ended, viewers have also been updated with Temporary Restraining Orders Leviss filed a lawsuit against Scheana Shay after Sandoval defrauded longtime partner Ariana Madix.


after last week’s chaotic events Bravo The highly anticipated trilogy reunion of the unscripted series, the cast returns for part 2 Chat with host Andy Cohen on the much-discussed controversy known as “Scandoval”. As with last week’s installment, Leviss quarantined much of Wednesday’s new episode in the trailer due to her restraining order against Shay, while the show’s cast — which includes Lala Kent, James Kennedy, Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz and Lisa Vanderpump — solving problems on stage.

The meeting opened with Kent discussing her relationship with her ex, Randall Emmett, who has been at the center of his own controversy. Kent, who shares daughter Ocean with the filmmaker, explained, “I obviously look back and know there were red flags everywhere, but I feel like now I have a 1235346830, It does.”

At that point, the cast took a break from filming to go to lunch. The camera followed Sandoval as he walked to Levis’ trailer, and it was clear that she didn’t like hearing what Maddix had to say about her years-long relationship with Sandoval in last week’s episode until Still going strong lately.

“Just looking at what you guys are recording now, it looks like you have a solid relationship,” Leviss told him. “I think she felt that you wanted to continue the relationship because you never broke up with her.”

This made Sandoval rethink the fact that he Levis’ romance never ended with Madix before. “Maybe we should have done this sooner?” Sandoval asked, to which Levis replied, “What do you think?”

She added, “It sucks, Because my entire role is now being questioned. I went through a transitional phase in my life this summer where I think the pendulum has swung too far the other way. This is my wake-up call.”

Then Sandoval and Leviss hug goodbye before he walks out of the trailer — or so he wants viewers to think. He can then be heard saying to the crew, “Okay, I’m done.” Sandoval walks back to the trailer and asks a crew member, “Can we really take a break where we haven’t been filmed?”

A producer explained to Sandoval that if he was filming alone, he was free to rest, but if he and Levis were going to chat, the camera would Turn, just like they were at mealtimes for the rest of the cast. Sandoval isn’t happy about it: “I don’t fucking want the cameras on my damn face!”

After the break, Sandoval and Levi The actor appeared not to be allowed to conspire off-camera, and the cast returned to the stage with Kennedy’s girlfriend, Allie Luber. The conversation led to Sandoval and Kennedy arguing over which of them was more likely to lose control while drinking, with Sandoval asserting, ” I don’t spank girls.” This prompted Maddix to quip, “No, you’re just fucking my friend.”

After Loeb left, Kornti By the time Levis filed a restraining order against Shay, Sandoval claimed he heard Shay say on the phone that she “hit” Levis, a claim Shay denied. Viewers then saw footage of Cohen’s private conversation with Levis, in which she explained that she “absolutely” regrets filing a restraining order against Shea. Leviss demanded that Cohen show Shay the documents Leviss requested to rescind the order, and the audience saw Shay get emotional as Cohen relayed the news. (It did get disbanded after filming the reunion.)

Shay said the order took a toll not only on herself, but on her daughter as well. “The betrayal by two of my best friends was heartbreaking in itself,” Shea said. “But I put all of that on top when I was doing nothing but taking care of [Leviss]. I gave her a home to live in when she had nowhere else to go.”

Sandoval is trying to say the situation is “getting out of hand,” but that doesn’t mean he’s been a “dummy” until now, or that he and Levis “maliciously” did. Madix shot back, “You fucking look at what you said now – because it’s being malicious.” This led Sandoval to quibble, “It’s malicious Yeah, but I didn’t mean it.”

Madix continued, “You’re disgusting. You [and Shay] aren’t friends anymore so don’t fucking worry Keep being who you really are.”

To wrap up the episode, viewers watched footage of Cohen’s private conversation with Levis. Cohen said Lewis appeared to be blaming Maddix by insisting that Maddix may have known about it. “Now I know she really wanted to know, and it was very deceptive,” Lewis admitted. “I’m very ashamed of this.”

With Shay exiting the stage, Leviss finally joined her co-stars. But sadly, fans will have to wait for part three to see what happens.

Vanderpump Rules airs every Wednesday at 9pm on Bravo. The reunion episodes, including the uncensored extended version, will air exclusively on Peacock the following day. 1235360008



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