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Vegas Kills: Usher Hit Up KidSuper to Wardrobe “Greatest Show on Earth”

Dillane: Clothing has been my catalyst for meeting new people and creating new projects since I started selling t-shirts in high school cafeteria. I’m actually on the phone with Usher – how cool is that? — just shows that the catalyst is working.

Fashion: Usher , how do your outfits and costumes contribute to what you communicate to your audience?

Usher: You’re not an artist without art. Art lies in the shape, in the choice of colour. Art creates a feeling of freedom. My catalog has allowed me to build an audience around the world who would love to come to Las Vegas to see what I have to offer. What I have to offer now is somehow more artistic than ever because I have the opportunity to curate, right? …I’m just celebrating his history, celebrating my own history, celebrating successful songs and being empathetic to people…so sometimes I really go back to my iconic moments in iconic videos or on stage part of the production and re-imagining that moment for the audience with the ensemble. Then I added contemporary elements to create something memorable. KidSuper pieces define endings – they sum up everything I’ve gone through to get to this moment.

Vogue: sounds like A great show.

Arthur: This is the greatest show on earth!

Dillane: I always say KidSuper sells capes. We sell real-life superhero costumes for you to be the hero – hopefully you’ll feel more inspired and energized by wearing it. The fact that Usher is wearing it now is, as far as I’m concerned, the crowning proof that the analogy works, so it’s done. I just made up my mind to go to Vegas to see the show myself…

Usher: Superheroes – I love it!

Fashion: And, Usher, you can’t make that KidSuper show in Paris…

Usher: No, but I Watching it, I really did enjoy it. Although I think it’s missing one thing: me! Watching it, I thought the show developed and inspired artistic creativity in a way I hadn’t seen before. The way you choose your model really says it all. So I said to myself, “You know what? I’m going to support him because he supports us.”



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