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Venice: Cate Blanchett says Todfield's 'tar' is 'more existential' than many of the 'hot issues' it raises

“It was a very free and special moment when Todd decided to leave the house to make a movie. That’s why we’re all here, right?”

So sayingCate Blanchett About TÁR, Todd Field First feature hyped in 1990 year, in 2023 Venice Film Festival spoke to the media ahead of the world premiere of Lido last Thursday.

Set in the international world of classical music, the spotlight feature features Lydia Tal (Blanchett) Center, widely regarded as one of the greatest living composers/conductors and the first female chief conductor of a major German orchestra. The film follows Tal from the pinnacle of her creativity and career prowess to her harrowing disintegration as #MeToo allegations swarmed around her. The film’s supporting cast includes Nina Hawes, Nomi Merlant, Sophie Kaul, Julian Glover, Mark Strong, Alan Corduna and Sylvia Flott.

“It’s not just written for Cate Blanchett — it’s written for Cate Blanchett,” Field said.

Blanchett’s stunning transformation of the role was the talk of Venice’s early days. The actress taught herself to speak German, play the piano and conduct an orchestra, bringing energy and enthusiasm to the role. Judging by the Lido buzz, Blanchett now seems like an immediate 2023 Oscar frontrunner.

When asked about her acclaimed turn in Todd Haynes Carroll What it’s like to play another complicated gay woman, Blanchett said: “There’s a lot of hot issues that come up, but it’s not about those. To me, it’s more existential than that. Although the film is almost entirely about A loose cast of female characters, but this movie isn’t about women. It’s about humans and humans.”

Field, a former actor (who appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Open” in the action movie “Twister”), in his first two films “In the Bedroom” (2001) and Little Children (16), were nominated for eight Academy Awards. Over the next few years, Field worked on a number of rumored projects, but none came to fruition. Heading to Venice, TÁR is considered one of the hottest tickets for the event, thanks to Field’s much-anticipated return and the impact on Blanchett’s performance.



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