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Venice: Darren Aronofsky's 'The Whale' – and Brendan Fraser's potential professional comeback – gets 7 minutes of applause

Brendan Frazier’s comeback film received a warm reception in Venice on Sunday night, which seemed to surprise even the star himself.

Whale – Darren Aronofsky by A The show has been touted as a career comeback for Frazier, the former Hollywood actor who practically disappeared from the big screen – already billed as the festival’s One of the must-see films and received good reviews and received a very positive response after its first press screening on Saturday. The crowd at the Lido world premiere was equally enthusiastic, giving the film a seven-minute standing ovation.

Fraser bowed, holding back tears as he seemed shocked and shocked by the reaction. The actor stopped to sign and pose for pictures on the stairs, and he also hugged and chatted with Steve Buscemi, who was sitting a few rows back.

Adapted from Samuel D. Hunter’s stage play, Whale sees Fraser as – Pound Hermit seeks redemption while friends and family seek to support him and take advantage of his good nature. Hong Chau and Sadie Sink also star.

At the film’s press conference earlier in the day, Frazier — at 1990 of the 1990s and major films of the early 600 era, including The Mummy franchises, George of the Jungle and more dramatic titles like Crash — said he “just wanted to stay today”, when asked if whales could mark a comeback. “I’m looking forward to this movie impressing everyone as much as it did me.”

He also described his character as “one in a closed darkness.” A light “space” and someone who has a special resonance in today’s turbulent and decisive world.

After Venice splashdown, Whale Headed to Toronto International Film Festival ahead of North American release on December 9.



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