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Venice: Hugh Jackman says reading 'The Son' was a 'feel like a fire in my gut'

Hugh Jackman says he was forced to contact Florian Zeller directly to ask if he could star Son , the playwright-turned-filmmaker succeeded him The second work after the acclaim and Oscar Award – directorial debut father.

Like Father, The Son is adapted from a play by Zeller, this time to overcome depression, with 17- year-old Nicholas — newcomer Zen McGrath — whose battle with growing mental health issues begins to destroy the life and mother of his New York attorney father Peter (Jackman) Kate (Laura Dern). Meanwhile, Vanessa Kirby plays Beth, Pitt’s new partner, whose arrival and his parents’ divorce Nicholas are largely to blame for his deteriorating condition.

On Wednesday night, on the eve of the film’s world premiere, Jackman said at a news conference in Venice that he had seen “Father” , almost appeared in a Zeller play, but Son’s script gave His rare burning desire tells him he has to play Peter.

“When I read Son I had a feeling like There’s a fire in my stomach,” he said, speaking alongside Zeller, Dunn, Kirby and McGrath. “There’s a horrible feeling to it, but it’s beautiful. You rarely get it as an actor, this part is for you in this part of your life, and you have to get it.”

Jackman admitted that the fear was that he wouldn’t get the part, so he emailed Zeller directly. “I said, I don’t know if you’re dancing with anyone else, I don’t want to cut the line.”

Thankfully, Zeller didn’t dance with any of the other actors, and then with Jack Mann’s Zoom meeting immediately told him that he had his man.

“Eight minutes later, I offered him the role,” Zeller explained. “I feel very strongly about why he is connected to that story, and we can explore real emotional territory. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made, because it’s been the most fruitful journey since then.”

Dunn points to The Son calling the film the “biggest” Crisis,” which was “the mental health epidemic, especially among teens.”

“It’s scary,” she said. “Even if you feel powerless, even if you feel alone in shame and guilt and blame, you can turn to so many people who have been there and who may give you advice. We are all eager to do what we have to do about mental health community in the larger conversation.”

Following its Venice debut, The Son Scheduled for release in the US in November. .



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