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Venice: Warm (albeit exhausting) reactions to Alejandro G. Inarritu's 'Bardo' world premiere

Alejandro G. Iñárritu received a generally enthusiastic response from The Revenant at its world premiere in Venice on Thursday night.

The audience in Venice ended the nearly 3-hour-long film with rapturous applause and some cheers, standing up for Inarito and Bardo A standing ovation lasting about 3 minutes.

The film has a long and late run (the Venice show doesn’t end until after midnight), which means many viewers Go inside as soon as the light turns on.

An epic comedy, it’s also Inaritu’s first Mexican film since 16’s breakout Feature filmAmores Perros, in theaters in November, 2022, in December 16 access Netflix before 2022.

a deeply personal film that has been likened to the author Own Rome, Bardo depicts the homecoming of a prominent journalist and documentary filmmaker, and the struggles of family ties, cultural identity issues and An existential crisis triggered by a change in the country of his birth.

Earlier in the day, at the film’s press conference, Inaritu noted that Bardo’‘s premiere date, which is 9 January 1st, also the anniversary of 21 the day he and his family left Mexico moved to Los Angeles. “We have great plans and great projects,” he said. “We thought we were there for a year, but we were actually 21 years. When a person leaves his or her country, he Feel the longing for his or her country to be with you every day. For me, Mexico is a state of mind, not just a country.”



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