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Veronica De Piante creates tailoring and knitwear inspired by her vision for the global home (and a stint at Prada in the 1990s)

Veronica De Piante’s debut collection featured a jacket that was the perfect embodiment of the designer herself: it was a double-breasted duchesse silk style with two flap pockets and a third on the left breast. Side. Then emerges from under the lapel a wide band of intricate black beading in a minimalist pattern created by artisans working in refugee camps in Jordan.

“Initially I thought, I’m going to take that beautiful embroidery from Jordan, and I’ll do, I don’t know, beach blouses and blouses,” she said in a statement with her husband. According to a preview appointment in the spacious West Village townhouse where he lives, the children and two lovely dogs. De Piante initially conceived the idea of ​​launching the brand three years ago. “Obviously, that paused, and I’m glad it did because it gave me time to reflect and really think about what I wanted to do with it,” she explained. “I really thought, I thought, I don’t really wear those things. That’s not me.” Friends encouraged her to explore her point of view.



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