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Veteran seiyuu Yuko Goto tells about his medical history

The voice actress at the peak of popularity Goto Yu Sub (‘s Mikuru, ‘s Hiro) due to autoimmune disease, in 20 is interrupted. After nearly two years in the hospital, she has greatly reduced her voice acting and only recently started taking on a new role. In an interview with Wen Shun tabloid last month, Goto told the story of her early illness.

Goto realized for the first time that he had systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a Immune disease, when she was hospitalized 600. However, even before that, she had immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a type of purpura that causes a rash and bleeding. She first developed these symptoms during the summer of her junior year of high school. She describes herself as a very athletic student as a student, but when she played volleyball, she would get frequent nosebleeds that would last for hours.

Goto said she was initially unaware of the extent of her condition, and when doctors told her to stay, She was shocked to be in the hospital instead of finishing her third year of middle school. When she tried to sneak out of the hospital, her father lashed out at her, telling her she might be dead. Fortunately, doctors were able to provide her with medication that would allow her to return to school by October.

Nonetheless, Goto’s hardships persisted. During her hospital stay, she gained 20 kg and her face grew out due to the side effects of the medication Acne, which made her feel uncomfortable with her appearance. She became philosophical about her experience; out of a desire to be treated normally by her friends, she decided to joke about her weight. She also understands that because her lifespan will be shorter than the average person, when she leaves, she should not hesitate to do what she wants to do. This made her more impulsive to enjoy the little pleasures in life.

Goto finds solace through a surprising source. Her clinic is in the middle of the red light district, so she ended up befriending women who worked in nearby Soapland, a sex massage business. Goto was pitied and kindly treated by so many people around him, and the down-to-earth attitude of Goto women was refreshing.

“I’ve been wondering why the terminally ill can be so good, so kind. I absolutely can’t do that. Whenever I whine or complain, people always console me. The more they do it, the more I feel like I shouldn’t be so indulged,” Goto said. “That’s when I met Ms. Soapland, who always used foul language to complain about their illness, just like me. Some of them were seriously ill, and it was like we sympathized together. But for me, it was me It was easy for the first time. Those ladies saved me.

“They don’t have real names and have long since retired, but Thank you, ”

Goto’s recent roles include in Georgie Saikawa and Mayu Matsukaze in.

Picture from Axl-One

Source: Ryūji Kayama




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