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Veteran Voice Actor Mamoru Miyano Talks About His Difficulty Finding a Job

img_photo Picture from miyanomamoru.comimg_photo Award-winning voice actor Mamoru Miyano

appeared on “A-Studio+” TV show last week and talked about his experience as a veteran looking for a job in the anime industry.

Miyano got her breakout role in anime at the age of 19. During production, he formed a lifelong friendship with the animation’s sound director Kazuhiro Wakabayashi194634 . The boy under his wing. Now, decades later, Miyano is best known for starring roles such as Light Yagami, Setsuna F. Seiei and Rintaro Okabe. Rarely does an anime have a season without him playing a new or returning character or two.

However, that doesn’t mean he can get any role he wants. In fact, the opposite is true. “I often don’t get the roles I audition for,” Miyano began, “and there are many times I don’t get them, even with the shows and movies that Mr. Wakabayashi produces. There are so many opportunities—there are so many factors involved. Even now, I still dislike junior voice actors. I feel like, ‘That role was taken from me’ or ‘That guy got it…'” However, Miyano goes to great lengths to translate those feelings into more positive things. “I have time to think about why I’m still frustrated and what’s missing in my performance. That’s what I really love about a career in voice acting.”

Miyano also spoke about his of his past, and how it affects his mindset and what he does today—whether as a voice actor or otherwise. “I have a bit of low self-esteem because I didn’t behave well as a kid…I felt like I wasn’t needed. You can see that through me making people smile. It’s not just about me entertaining them, it’s about my own affirmation.” Of course, Miyano works hard to rise above his insecurities and recognize his talents. “As a voice actor, I can say with absolute confidence that I’m good at what I do. Because I have many years of experience, I can say the same with my recent work in TV dramas, stage plays, and variety shows.”

Source: Sponichi Annex via Otakomu 194634

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