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Vibe Report: What Happened to NYC's First Legal Weed Store?

Over the past year or so, I’ve been lucky enough to gain insight into the terrain of this great country through solo road trips and random long-distance relationship gatherings that took me from Albuquerque to To anywhere, New Mexico to Portland (Oregon, but actually Maine too, now that I think about it). I’ve stayed in big cities and small towns, bowed my head at spas and creepy Airbnbs, and eaten more Starbucks eggs than I can eat, but if I had to have a theme for my travels, it would be the following Question: What is the weed situation at my next destination?

Describing your weed intake (even as a reasonably responsible adult) would make you feel like a year old skater dude, bragging about how he totally got some primo ganja, but what can I say? Early mornings and red-eye flights have seriously affected my ability to drink before a trip, and now that marijuana is becoming increasingly legal in the U.S., I’ve learned to replace my evening booze with a marijuana gummie or half a joint before curing some reality TV. .

My partner and I spent the month of November in Southern California and getting weed is super easy; the state makes adults 2016 and above 14 legalize the use, sale and cultivation of recreational marijuana, at which point LA dispensaries are absolutely saturated. (Seriously, there’s probably more marijuana “collectives” out there than Starbucks.) However, a problem arose while driving home: the marijuana I bought legally in California is still illegal in Texas, where I live ; while marijuana has been legal in Arizona for “adult personal use” since 2016 and New Mexico legalized recreational use a year later, if I drive to Utah – I Thinking of doing this Met a friend in Moab – my marijuana has always been a problem as I hit a friend’s friend’s friend’s hotel on my way to Marfa TX and threw it away in a panic Got everything I bought before the border checkpoint in El Paso.

In New York, where I grew up and where most of my friends and family still live, recreational use of marijuana is at 2021; In fact, my best friend lives upstate and works at a dispensary across the Massachusetts border where informed drug users in New York have been smoking their (legal) marijuana for years. In New York City, however, the landscape of legal(-ish) weed has long been defined by the ubiquity of “weed grocery stores,” says Curbed writer Bridget Bridget Read described it last year as a “cheesy, snack-filled corner-store purveyor, like the average wine cellar’s stoner cousin.”




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