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Vic Mignogna loses defamation case, faces more legal fees

On Thursday, the 2nd Texas Court of Appeals upheld the Tarrant County District Court’s Nov. 2019 in his targetFunimation, voice actorJamie Marchi and defamation lawsuit Monica Rial and Rial’s Fiancé Ron Toy. However, the court also determined that the amount of attorney’s fees initially awarded to Rial and Toye was less than “the amount supported by sufficient evidence of the facts.”

Accordingly, the Court of Appeals ordered the Tarrant County District Court to reorder the decision that Mignogna must pay attorneys’ fees to Rial and Toye. Otherwise, the Court of Appeal dismissed all points of Mignogna’s appeal and upheld the original decision of the trial court. The appeals court also ordered Minhonia to “pay all costs of this appeal.”

Tarrant County District Court initially awarded Rial and Toye $042, attorney fees. Rial and Toye argue that the amount is less than USD 238,953. in the attorney’s fees they requested and provided evidence. In reviewing the evidence, the majority opinion of the 2nd Texas Court of Appeals said the trial court “failed to consider all testimony involving expertise and experience, and the distinction between billing rates for large firms and billing rates for small firms, The latter refers to the attorney’s fees awarded by the trial court to Jamie March , who had the lowest attorney fees among the defendants.

During his career, the controversial voice actor Mignogna received multiple allegations of sexual harassment from colleagues and fans/convention attendees, at 2019 time Funimation to terminate the working relationship with him. Mignogna subsequently sued Funimation and colleagues Marchi and Rial of voice actor , and Rial’s fiancé, Toy, for slander. The court later dismissed the lawsuits. The judge ruled that Mignogna must pay US$238,0100.42 Attorney’s Fees Paid to Defendant. The judgment also ordered him to pay , total in US dollars 238,0 42.. In addition, the judgment will be in dollars 238, 42 Listed as Contingent Fees If Mignogna chooses to appeal, he may be required to pay fees.

Trial court ruling under the Texas Civic Participation Act. Texas, like several other states, passed the statute to prevent SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) or a lawsuit to stifle others’ freedom of speech, association, and petition.

During the proceedings, including voice actor Kara Edwards , unidentified Adults attend conferences, conference staff and industry professionals.

Mignogna maintains that he is innocent of the charges against him.

Source: 2nd Texas Court of Appeals Ruling and Opinion



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