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'Vice President' creator Armando Iannucci: UK government has 'weaponised' word wake and 'don't listen to us'

Conservative UK government ‘weaponised’ the word ‘wake up’, Veep Creator Armando Iannucci told Edinburgh Television Festival Wednesday.

Events like the festival’s famous MacTaggart Lecture tend to focus on big issues that deserve attention, making ‘we do it better’, with writers and producers starting with The Thick of It and The Death of Stalin via Zoom in a panel discussion featuring the first four Edinburgh Festival MacTaggart keynote speakers.

“My concern is that now the government is using the word ‘wake up’ to try to stop this,” he added. “With Boris Johnson stepping down as UK prime minister in early September, he spoke about Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, who is the favourite to succeed him. “I hope someone asks Liz Truss, she WishDoctor Who was just a white man.

He added: “If she can sit down with the interviewer bravely.

Iannucci also believes that media people don’t always ask all the tough questions. “Journalists are a little afraid of being seen as impersonal,” he suggested. “I doubt the conversation right now.” The rules have changed. ”

in his

MacTaggart keynote 2015, Iannucci on the theme of the new golden age of television. “This is great news for creatives. Everyone wants to do TV. The bad news is that everyone wants to make TV,” he said at the time. “Cheap, user-friendly technology means we’re living in a golden age of TV and a global swill bucket. For every Sherlock and Breaking Bad , over a billion people are filming their brother squirting out of his nose and anus Baked beans. “

Looking back on Wednesday’s 2015 presentation, Iannucci believes that years later, the same industry issues are back in focus, These include freezing the BBC’s licensing fees, the need for broadcasters to cut costs and plans to privatise Channel 4 despite industry opposition. “The government doesn’t listen to us now, or thinks our opinions are worthless,” he argued. I’m just angrier than ever. “

Dark Matter , Vortex , Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ), David Olusoga, University Professor Dorothy Byrne, Manchester and former Channel 4 News Director known for presenting BBC History series.

In his keynote speech last year , Thorne on how the UK TV industry is dealing with disability in front of and behind the camera The problem is sternly indicted. “Television has completely failed people with disabilities,” he said, adding that the world of television “is at odds with using people with disabilities to tell disability stories.

Torne said he made comments on stage Wednesday that he “crowdsourced” his speech by showing it to friends and asking for their input. “We excluded the community ,” he stressed and urged everyone: “Think about how you treat people by being complacent. “




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