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Victor Wembanyama is unlike anything you've seen before (no, really)

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) Watch enough basketball year after year that the phrase “you’ve never seen a prospect like this” starts to sound like the boy named Wolf. In 2019, the description applies to Zion Williamson. Last year, it was posted on Chet Holmgren.

And between now and the 2023 draft, you’re sure to hear it countless times about Victor Umban Yama.

But seriously,

you never Did not see such a prospect.

For several months, Video of the grainy 18-year-old, 7-foot-2, omnipotent big man dominating opponents has made its way to the Twitter timeline from across the pond. But most of the clips were shot at difficult angles, and it often looked like the footage was shot by a 90s team manager.

That all changed on Tuesday. Dramatically. vividly. on HD and national television.

After another contender for the 2023 NBA draft No. 1 pick, Wimbanyama and Paris In the exhibition match, the French Metropolitan 92 team faced Scott Henderson and G League Ignite. The latter won, with Henderson adding 28 points and nine assists. But Anyama’s performance at Wembley drew NBA Twitter, and presumably any NBA scout and executive is watching.

Even though Zion returns from a season-long-lost TNT live broadcast, Vinbanyama stole 37 points on 20 shots that night. Just reading the numbers doesn’t do them justice.

Before you watch them, I feel compelled to remind you that this teenager is 7’2″, which is considered an underrated list by ESPN 2 broadcast.

Highlights speak for themselves In leading a 20-point comeback, Vinbanyama hit a step-back three from the corner.

NBA@NBA Back to back splash 💦

Victor Wembanyama scores a whopping 17 🔥

Watch now on ESPN 2 on the NBA app
📲 https://t.co/WIy2EVFAUt pic.twitter.com/V3d1hfHCeJ

He made a catch-and-shoot 3-pointer in transition and ran to the wing , covering his face with his hands, in a way anyone can actually put their hands on his face.


🦄 Victor Wembanyama is heating up!

He scored 21 on ESPN 2

Watch now on the NBA app: https://t.co/WIy2EVFAUt pic.twitter. com/jD5CAS8MMY

He faces and isolates veteran big man Eric Mika in the mid lane, hits him with a series of fakes and hits the fallback mid-range jumper.


Victor Wembanyama in his 🎒

26 PTS and counting… pic.twitter.com/L0giFd8Oat

On more than one occasion, he completely took over the game (on both ends of the pitch). multiple properties. Rob Perez @WorldWideWob Another trifecta sequence from Victor Weanyama. nonsense. https://t.co/N9ZNWWtqTd Image. twitter.com/ZWoYPDiaI7

He scored 28 points throughout the second half and made people laugh. It feels impossible to watch a player with that kind of frame, move the way he does and hit the ball without a reaction.

Again, we’ve never seen a player like this, so it’s hard to compare, but they’re prospect descriptions the pillars. The only name that comes to mind when watching Wembanyama is the all-rounder. cheer up. A fully realized version of Vinbanyama could be a 7-foot-plus Kevin Durant on offense and a more flexible Rudy Gobert on defense. Such lofty comparisons are rarely fair. When Brandon Ingram is called the next KD, it’s not because of him. It might also be foolish to expect anyone to be the Defensive Player of the Year.

But these are natural names to pay attention to when you see clips like the one above and blocks like this.


Victor Wembanyama (3 BLK) sent this shot 🧳

Live now on the NBA app and ESPN 2 📲 https://t.co/SREIxxj4ar pic.twitter.com/sdpmaIgASI

he The way he met Scooter at a crunch time looked more like a compatriot from Umbanyama.


Victor Wembanyama no!

Now live on ESPN 2 and the NBA app pic.twitter.com/4icqYWYSMh

What kind of hype is justified?

He finished the game with five blocks against a foolproof opponent NBA-level athlete.

The whole game was more competitive than anything we’ve seen in the NCAA, and Vinbanyama looked like he was on the field best player.

In the most watched game of his life, the 18-year-old genius lived up to the hype. He answers questions about the reality of his shooting, his ability to counter size and athleticism, and how he fits into both ends of the NBA.

He definitely needs to add a bit over the next few seasons. It’s another name we probably shouldn’t call, but Antetokounmpo is able to add the weight and muscle needed to rule. Vinbanyama should be fine too. That may be even more important to him given his worrisome injury history.

However, after what we witnessed on Tuesday, everything felt finicky. It’s a no-brainer prospect. No wonder the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs (at least) look poised to add to their losses. This could be one of the biggest lottery picks since LeBron James. together often. A prospect like Wembanyama’s will never come.



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