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Victoria Beckham Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

Drama! Intrigue! complex! Ooh, la-la. Since Victoria Beckham climbed the daunting steps of her first show in Paris this September, her work in London The room is full of mystery. “It’s a powerful femininity that’s very seductive and seductive,” she said in a preview of the pre-fall follow-up collection. Her words stand in stark contrast to the down-to-earth glamor that defined her label’s first 10 years. Now, she’s changing the subject. Her spiritual shifts in Paris — haute couture appointments and avant-garde mysticism — brought about a brave and confident paradigm shift for Beckham, evident even in commercial proposals like her previews.

There’s mystery to everything: abstract floral prints in flowing wool or silk and sculptural, dangerous, oddly tailored dresses and tops in dramatic cinematic colours. Some had tight pleats—part sexy, part aggressive—and others were constructed entirely of circular-cut fabric discs that swirled erratically as models stepped off Beckham’s inner podium. Small jersey tops are subverted in wire trim, so what’s wrong are right, and like shiny pantaloons (“I ordered them in every color”) or adorned with enlarged men’s watch chains (the VB logo ) of the big bag) is very interesting. Appropriately, she cites Eyes of Laura Mars and Paris, Texas as influences.

Beckham’s suits best describe her ambitions. Here, she continues the Paris fashion show’s research into what can best be described as “authentic” tailoring: architectural tailoring that reveals steps in the tailoring process by retaining temporary stitching as decoration and adding details like deconstructed panels. In Beckham’s case, those details feel like metaphors, like real representations of the learning curve she’s still going through. “It’s not just a preview,” she said. “It’s about an uncompromising but still very tasteful and very desirable wardrobe. When I decided to show in Paris, I knew there was even more pressure on the team and the studio to bring execution and technology to a level A whole new level, while also making it feel effortless.”

Beckham may not have taken the traditional fashion path to the Paris stage, but if understanding design is intricate A synonym for *conspiracy—, she is no stranger to it. Her brand has always stood for herself. If it used to reflect the public image she controlled in interviews, photo spreads and social media, now it may start to reflect a side of Beckham she doesn’t reveal to the public: all the things her fans and clients don’t know about her, But gladly. And, mesdames et messieurs , is a conspiracy, the whispering rococo salon of Paris wrote the book.




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