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Victoria Beckham Resort 2024

It’s hard to find clothes that are both fun and easy to wear. On the one hand, plain practicality can feel tedious, and on the other hand, designer clothing can be overly complicated and off-putting. As it turns out, Victoria Beckham has a great solution for this tricky brief. As she puts it: “There really is a strong sense of authenticity in the costumes. Everything looks really simple, but it’s all about consideration, execution, and the little details.”

Yes . Somewhere along the line, her collection presents a non-tense flow that strikes a fine balance between practicality and sophistication. Her confident cut combinations and ankle-length flowy dresses have won critical acclaim since she started walking the Paris runways a few seasons ago. Still, it’s always going to take a while to fully immerse yourself in it, and then following up with a tangible product with a good runway impression is another. While making an appointment to see her pre-spring collection—on the shelf rather than in the photo—it’s clear she’s done just that, too.

Interestingly, it’s the hidden quirks in the cut and proportions that give her clothes their appeal. “Like,” she says, “this pair of pants is wider in one leg than in the other.” It’s something you definitely wouldn’t zoom in on in a look book, maybe even a friend’s. It sounds quirky, but what it does is create soft pleated volume with a loose drape at the waist. Wear it with a tailored blazer from Beckham for effortless sophistication.

Asymmetry plays another role in her dress design. It wasn’t always easy to make sense of skirts flying wildly in every direction, but here Beckham played with the possibilities of bias cuts, ruching and patchwork to great effect. Some of her evening looks had the vibe of a 1930 dance dress, minus the retro vibe. Some daywear was pieced together in a certain way, with patterns arranged in diagonal lines that seemed to swirl around the body. You’ll notice the dynamic lines as each component has white piping.

All of this acts as a hanger attraction, sparking a curiosity that makes it easy for women to try on rather than give up (as we often do) because it looks It was too hard to get up. “I think it’s just finding a difference,” Beckham commented. That doesn’t sound like much, but in a world of competing products from high street to premium, such considerations matter



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